Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guilt = action

I've been feeling guilty about giving Nikko the melatonin. It makes him sleepy around bathtime and I watch his face to see his eyelids get heavy. He has a look about him that wonders what is happening to him. I feel guilty that I've induced it. After chatting at length with Atz today about the effects of melatonin, I'm giving it some second thoughts because I don't know how it will affect him long-term. His blood levels should be tested, she recommended. And while there are lots of articles on melatonin, one of the drawbacks I've read about are that it could stimulate other hormones, and possibly in a bad way. One thing that I will try, starting Monday (or Sunday, if the timing is right, but probably not) is to put the kids down earlier. Significantly earlier. Maybe by 8p, 8:30p latest. I have my doubts, that putting them to bed earlier may mean they wake up exactly 8 hours later (4 or 5a), but maybe they really need MORE sleep. I'll give it a try for two weeks. I just have to figure out exactly what our revised schedule will be. Meaning, Audrey goes down at 7:15p, gets ready for bed at 7p, then dinner is at 5:30-6p?

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