Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little break

7a - Ronin cried out for me, and as I passed Nikko's room he was also awake so I got him first. I could get used to that kind of waking arrangement. I had gone to bed late, 1:20-ish, and my eyes were just burning this morning as well as having a tad of a headache. Don't know why. But it set the course for a very crabby mommy, unfortunately. That and having taken care of the kiddos and bathing all three of them and putting them to bed for five straight days without much break. I think I was worn out. So Denis let me have some time in the afternoon to go out. It was 3:30p and I stared out the window really debating whether or not I should go out and disturb the status quo. When Audrey started squawking from her highchair about everything, and when I started yelling back at her, I decided that it would be better for my mental health to take a break. Nikko was not thrilled about it at all, and screamed and cried in protest. When I was backing out the car, I saw that Nikko opened the door and was peering out at me from the screen door. I didn't know if he knew how to open that latch so I stopped the car, came back in and told Denis to take Nikko into the living room. We will have to get some kind of a latch or deadbolt for the main door, especially if Nikko can let himself out now. Scary thought. I don't think he'd willingly want to go outside without me, but if he were in pursuit of me, it could be bad. I spent my time trying on jeans at Old Navy and getting depressed about that. I left the clothing realm and walked into The Container Store, my haven for clearer thinking and admiring the neatness of others. I left with two under-bed storage containers, two file boxes and an issue of Real Simple Magazine, the 10th Anniversary issue. They are offering a sweet deal to rejoin, so I may take them up on it. I really miss my Real Simple.

When I came back, Nikko had to be woken up from a nap so I feared he would be difficult to go to sleep. I put 1/2 a tablet in his juice at 7:20 but he still seemed wide awake at bedtime. I sang a few songs to him, and then said the Good Night Mantra. He leaned up so I could kiss him good night, and I thought he was going to protest and get up as I left. But surprisingly, he didn't. I was able to walk out of his room unscathed.

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