Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm tired of talking about sleep problems. :(

4a, Ronin cries out. I jump out of bed but stand disoriented in my room because I don't know which kid is crying or where the door is. Finally I focus and figure out which room to run to. I tuck Ronin back in bed before he makes more noise to wake up Audrey and watch him to make sure he falls back asleep. I return back to my bed until at 6a Nikko cries out, so I join him. Sure enough, Ronin wakes up and we are all out in the living room again in the morning. Looking like a trend over here. What time will Ronin wake up this morning?

Nikko seemed pretty tired all day but he didn't end up napping. Melissa came at 2p for ABA and when it was time for me to leave the basement I told him to have fun, and he came over and gave me a kiss and a g'bye before going to the table to sit. It sounded like his session was good, and I heard him doing some cleanup at the end. After snacking the kids, I took them downstairs to play. I did a little bit of running around the way Denis did last night, and the boys enjoyed it. My endurance is pretty bad, however. We came back upstairs so I could put Audrey down for a quick nap. This was another opportunity for Nikko to nap, but he didn't take it. Dinnertime rolled around, and then bath and bed followed. Nikko fell asleep quickly. Ronin called out to me five minutes after I left the room, and this is really bothering me. I've got to find out how to sleep train Ronin while Audrey is in the same room. Cry-it-out tactics will be difficult because he'll probably wake her up. We just don't have a third bedroom, and aren't willing to put Audrey back in ours.

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