Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ronin my angel / Egg hunt recap / MORE again

6:15a On the early side for me, but that's when Ronin cried out. Nikko was already awake, and all the commotion woke Audrey up. Great. I wasn't happy with the hour and didn't want to open the kitchen before 7a. New rule for me. It was an easygoing morning with little demands. I found myself constantly changing Nikko's diaper, but one time when I was dozing in the living room I snapped out of it just in time to see Nikko standing in the hallway, pants on the ground, diaper just leaving his ankles. He had filled it up with pee and it was probably too heavy for his own comfort. Unfortunately, it also had a little present in there that smeared on the floor. I rushed him to the tub and went back to clean up the mess. While I cleaned Nikko up, Audrey was nosing by my elbow near the tub. I was getting frustrated because I didn't want her near us, and Ronin came over saying, "C'mon, Audrey, let's go play." Ronin was my little hero! Later on in the day, Ronin came running for me and told me that Nikko's nose was bleeding, so I came in the living room and saw that Nikko did indeed have blood smears on the couch. *sigh* But Ronin was great in being my eyes when I wasn't around. This could possibly turn into tattling but for now I'll take it as extra help.

Melissa came for therapy after lunch. Nikko was in a good mood, gave me a kiss before sitting down to work, and overall had a good session. I heard some whining, but I guess they worked through it. She told me that she snacked Nikko at the very end. Throughout the session he was saying "Snack" in anticipation for the fruit snacks, but as they went along he forgot about them and were able to complete tasks. He obviously gets hung up on the fruit snacks. I'm glad he got to interact and play with Melissa. Tomorrow Nikko is going to school. Spring break is over! Yea!

I didn't write yesterday, but around 11a we went to Pat & Anna's house for an egg hunt. We had lunch first, then went outside to watch the kids gather plastic eggs and put them into baskets. Atz brought over a wired soccer basket and a racing car basket for my kids since she didn't need them anymore. I was originally just going to bring the Halloween pumpkin baskets, but I gladly accepted Atz's baskets for the occasion. Anna had a sand table in her backyard and the kids congregated around it for some fun play. I didn't want Audrey in the sand because it gets all over her face and eventually into the eyes. I think I did the same thing with Ronin at her age, kept him out of the sand box. Now that he's older, he's better able to navigate the sand, but I still have to watch him for the eye-rubbing factor. Nikko was totally content to play with the sand table, pushing a boat along some levels. We went inside to color eggs, but my kids didn't have a real interest in them. Ronin wanted his egg to play with instead of color. When the tip of the hard-boiled egg cracked, I had to confiscate the egg because he is allergic to them. No telling what might happen if the egg shell came off and he ate it. I'm actually not sure if he will react with direct contact to eggs, whereas he's very allergic to any dairy that contacts his skin. My kids had fun just being in Pat & Anna's house and being around Jovy, Max, his cousin Alessandro, and Atz's girls.

To wrap up today, Nikko didn't nap all day and was falling asleep during bedtime stories. No melatonin for him tonight. I guess this past Spring Break wasn't as bad for him as Christmas break was. He did some stimming, some lining up, but I tried to be physical with him, take him downstairs and go shopping and go to Mom's house. The weather this week will be SO ideal, in the 70's for three days. We'll definitely find a way to go outside. Nikko has been very sing-songy the past two days, singing The Ball Song from Veggie Tales as well as saying some things from that Team Umizoomi show. The latest thing I've been working on with him today was saying the word MORE when asking for peaches. Sure, he wants more peaches, but he keeps skipping to the word Peaches, or saying Peaches then signing Please. I have been going hand over hand with him to sign More, and mostly he refuses to say it. So I refuse to give him peaches. He'll accept the HOH and them say something that sounds like More, then I'll praise him and finish by saying More Peaches Please!


  1. You're a natural at this language stuff!

    I found this guy and his book 'Communicating Partners' incredibly practical and useful, in taking the steps you and Nikko are taking now.

    From one word... to sentences...


  2. I'll check out the book (gotta love amazon.com, prime!). It looks like it had great reviews. If someone told me years ago that I'd have to become a speech pathologist, I would have prepared for it... years ago!!! :)