Thursday, March 25, 2010


Nikko woke up at 6:45a. I took him to the living room and he was in a babble-y mood. Ronin woke up at 6:55a. Audrey soon followed, so everyone got diaper changed, pajama changed, and then headed to the kitchen by 7:30a. My intention today was to take the kids to mom's house after lunchtime, around 1:30 or 2ish. The morning was not eventful. On the way to mom's house, Nikko fell asleep for about 15 minutes. When I got him out of the car I made him walk so he wouldn't fall back asleep. The kids snacked on crackers and grapes, which is better than the cereal stuff they usually munch on. Nikko showed some interest in an English/Tagalog DVD with the big Jollibee bee character that's the mascot of the famous Jollibee hamburger chain in the Philippines. Jollibee = McDonald's. For some reason, the DVD cover captivated his attention, and he watched the DVD with interest probably because the kids were engaging. He carried it to bed with him as well. There were no big behavioral challenges with Nikko today, but I did try to give him lots of squeezes and hugs to meet any sensory demands. He did some Nikko dancing today, but not as much as yesterday.

We got a notice in the mail today saying that Nikko's IEP team recommended him for the 2009-10 Extended School Year Program. It goes from June 15 - July 2, Monday-Friday, 9-12 at the Fairview School. We're supposed to send back the form with a yes or no to attend. Of course I think we should do it, but I have virtually no information on it other than what's above. I know I can ask his teachers on Monday, but I am full of questions: Who will be running the class? (I think they will determine this as soon as they find out how many kids will be in it, so that's a sit-tight thing for me) What's the curriculum for the duration of the program? What the heck will they do for three hours, five days a week? Any OT, ST or PT during that time? I'm glad to have received the notice, but hope they'll send me way more information on this program.

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