Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nikko's sleep success Day 1

From Nikko's progress report:
OT - Was able to stay on swing longer today with less protests. Colored with more coverage and did a small peg design activity.
[from Kathy] - Nikko went up to Mrs. McCarthy, patted her and said "hi" spontaneously during playtime.

And then Kathy sent me an email later in the day:
Today Nikko was mad at me - I swear he knew it wasn't his day for me to pull him for speech but I had extra time and took him across the hall for a bit. We sat on the floor and I asked him to sort pictures into piles of animals or food on a big page for the category. He QUICKLY sorted 15 of them accurately and without any help. He did great even though he was mad and we had never even tried it before! He named them after me too.

We've been noticing that during ABA, Nikko gets pretty frustrated and mad about something, i.e. refusal to finish drawing something, but will still complete a task if he is focused. We're still trying to figure out how to handle his motivation regarding fruit snacks. He gets really mad knowing they are there and he can't have them right away. I know that's the point of discrete trials, to get him to do something with a motivator, but I think he's overly motivated to the point of frustration. Otherwise, Nikko was very sing-songy today, as much as yesterday, singing Veggie Tales and The Wiggles songs. He woke up at 7a, whereas Ronin woke up at 3:50, 4:50 and 5:50. AM!!! The last time, he said he wanted to go play. I told him it was 6am, nobody was awake, and to go back to sleep. I also laid at the foot of his bed since it was close to 6a and I didn't want to go walking back all the way to my room. He did fall back asleep, and slept until 8a. The bugger! I went into Nikko's room at 7a and basically waited for him to wake up, which he did. I wonder if he just needed that extra hour at night to sleep, because Ronin aside, this earlier bedtime looks like it might work out for Nikko. That was only the first night, however. Tonight, I watched him fall asleep because he wasn't completely out by prayer time. He didn't nap all day, so I didn't give him melatonin. But lucky for me he did fall asleep before me, so there were no tantrums. I hate those. Wonder what time he'll wake up tomorrow. PLEASE, Ronin, PLEASE sleep until 7a, and don't wake up in the early hours!! And my cold is on day 2.5. I can't breathe. Tonight I caught up on watching LOST, Celebrity Apprentice and Giulianna & Bill.

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