Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last day of ESY

Summary of ESY fr. Margie McCarthy:
We continued to work on progress toward Nikko's IEP goals. In the classroom we focused on sustaining play scenarios with peers, pre-academic skills using games and table activities, simple drawing skills, transitioning independently, communication, and understanding concepts. Nikko quickly adjusted to the new school, assistants ad therapists. Nikko participated in a sensory diet during part of large group time (jumping on the trampoline, riding on the scooter, carrying a heavy ball, drills). He would do these activities with an aide. Niko played in all areas of the class. He especially liked playing in the water/sand table. he was able to negotiate the entire playground independently. Nikko would like to play in a patch of dirt next to the stairs on the playground and kick up dirt. He was redirected to the slide, or bubbles to stop the stimming behavior....

Nikko's schedule for the rest of the summer will be:
Mon - 9:30-11:30 Three wee camp
- 1:00 ABA w/Sarah
Tue - 1:00 ABA w/Jenna
Wed - 9:30-11:30 Three wee camp
- 1:00 ABA w/Jenna
Thu - 12:30 ABA w/Melisa
Fri - OPEN

After lunch, the little ones went down for a nap and I took Nikko into my bedroom to see if I could coax him into one as well. He didn't sleep right away, but eventually did get tired, so it just reinforced to me that he will nap of his own accord and rarely if I want him to. We later headed to my MIL's house to have dinner w/her and Derwin's family. Compared to his siblings who were bouncing off the walls, Nikko was very relaxed tonight. Despite his afternoon nap, he fell asleep quickly when we came home, around 10:30p. When it comes to requesting something like more juice, I'll prompt him with "I..." and then he'll say, "I. Want. [More.] Juice. Please?" He's getting better at saying 4 or sometimes 5 words after a prompt. I'm really happy with that!

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