Friday, July 23, 2010


Nikko has been scripting songs. Yesterday as we got ready for Camp Class, he was chanting the beginning of Bad Romance by Lady GaGa:
Rah rah ah ah ah
Roma roma ma
Gaga ooh la la...

It was in Nikko-ese, of course, but I could tell what he was saying by the tune.

Another song he was scripting was the chorus to a Wiggles song:
Oooo oooo I'm dressing up in style
and that was verbatim!

And today he was repeating something but I couldn't pick out the tune. I had to ask Ronin where Nikko got his song and Ronin said it was from the Wiggles. Nikko was singing The Fruit Salad song in parts:
The first step, peel a banana
The second step, toss in some grapes
The third step, cut up some apples
Cut up some melons, now put them on your plate

Nikko also did some hand motions to eating the fruit salad like in the video.

I'm glad to see the beginning of these scripts, but I'll probably wonder at what point will he lessen scripting and turn words into conversation. The last two sessions he's had in ABA have been good, but he's been scripting a lot, very unfocused at times, and frequently goes into his own world. That's been characteristic of Nikko, going off into Nikko's world, but quite honestly he's been "here" over the past few months more than he's NOT been here. I still tend to turn his head towards me with my hands if he's looking off in another direction, "ignoring" me.

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