Sunday, July 18, 2010

The new "FS"

Two things were on our agenda today: attend two birthday parties. Would the kids be able to handle it? Would we?

The first was a 4-yr old's bday at the Randall Oaks Park in West Dundee. (Ironically, both the bday celebrants of today had actual birthdays the day before Nikko's.) This park had a petting zoo, two volleyball courts, two playground areas for kids/toddlers, and an event that warranted two inflatable jumpers. We arrived, greeted the hosts and picked a table that had some bubble equipment on it. There were also kites to fly and good food. We took the kids to the toddle playground and the little ones seemed to be having fun. Nikko, on the other hand, was not in the best of moods and started asking for candies (lollipops). He was becoming relentless with me and I was getting exasperated because I didn't want to give in. The lollipops have suddenly become the new "Fruit Snacks" and I'm hating it. Nikko claws at my pockets and starts tugging at my backpack zippers to get at my stash. I'm not sure how he was able to calm down but soon he was sitting near Denis and fiddling with an empty water bottle. Before we left, he was given a little lizard kite that he found enjoyment in carrying like an airplane.

We went home to change diapers, refill juices and give Ronin an albuterol treatment before heading out to bday party #2 at the Creen's. The kids enjoyed playing with toys that weren't their own as well as thoroughly enjoyed bouncing in the enclosed backyard trampoline. Unfortunately, when the birthday girl was opening gifts, my kiddos were getting antsy to want to play with her new toys, especially the Toy Story 3-themed ones. I ran through my supply of lollipops to keep Nikko at bay. The kicker was when she opened a doll-sized Buzz Lightyear. Nikko became enthralled and wanted that Buzz Lightyear badly. We had to pry him away many times and then reached the point where it was simply obvious that it was time to leave. I had to pick up Nikko on the way out as he cried and struggled because he didn't want to leave. I put him firmly in the car seat and he was upset the whole ride home. Before bath time he was on the floor in the living room and the kitchen so I let him cool off in whatever way he chose. All the kids are sleeping with minimal noise so I wonder how tiring a day it was. We've been on the go go go since Thursday with pool time late in the day, pool time Friday, then two parties on Saturday. I wonder if really was too much to have the kids on the go for the entire afternoon, and will we pay for it tomorrow?

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