Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trying hard / Vertigo

I have not had internet access to the laptop upstairs all week because lightning storms last Friday fried our router. The internet works downstairs, but coming down here late at night to blog isn't the comfiest or most convenient thing for me. The laptop has spoiled me to have easy access to the blog, Facebook, and information at my fingertips. I've journaled a few days upstairs, but can't transfer them to the blog until the router is fixed. I hope it happens tomorrow.

So a quick note of the passing week: I've noticed in the last few ABA sessions Nikko has had with his therapists that the overall consensus is that Nikko has been trying really hard. He had a terrific session with Jenna on Wednesday, but a tough beginning session with Kathy on Tuesday, and today Melisa said his session started out really rough with crying, whining, meltdowns and noncompliance, but after 20-30 minutes of getting all that out of his system, he became super focused and accomplished things with Melisa that he had never done before, such as copying her building blocks upwards and sideways. He was really volatile last week, and his noncompliance comes as a surprise this week because he's been in a relatively good mood throughout. Wednesday was his last day of Three Wee Camp Class and he came home with a project involving stamps and sand. Next year I might consider putting him in the camp class again, with an aide, but we'll see how his progress turns out this year.

One more note: Yesterday I was in a pilates class with my friend Rachel, who is making a commitment of traveling 30 minutes from Streamwood to Mount Prospect with the condition that I take this class and work out with her. Denis has committed to caring for the kids so I can do this. Last night during class, as I was on my back doing crunches and looking sideways at the instructor, I looked up and the entire ceiling was spinning clockwise, REALLY FAST. I closed my eyes but felt the spinning from underneath my eyelids. I hadn't had this spinning feeling in 8-9 years, and then we sat up and I was sweating profusely, extremely dizzy. I continued to be slightly nauseated, but went walking/running on the track with Rachel after class, did more sit ups, and worried that the spinning would come back. It didn't, thank God. I went home, drank water, and threw up. Went to bed, and this morning felt the dizziness come back right before I opened my eyes. I sat up and immediately folded back onto the pillow, dizzy. I heard Ronin calling out for me so I walked the hallway, leaning on the walls and trying to regain my equilibrium. It must have been residual dizziness from last night, but I didn't know it at the time. I ended up seeing a doctor and she pegged me as having benign positional vertigo, specifically in the left ear. Basically, if I lean on my left side, it will disrupt some stones/calcium deposits in the fluid of my inner ear and cause the horrible spinning. GREAT. No cure, it will subside within a day. I still have a headache from it, but I'm going to survive. I've always had some form of motion sickness, but knowing that it's really vertigo is both enlightening and terrifying. I'll do more research on it, but I've got to figure out how to avoid left-side stuff. How am I going to get out of bed, since I get up on the left side? What am I going to do about pilates? Lay on my right side and chance the vertigo there? Probably. Oh the joys of being me!

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  1. I was diagnosed with Vertigo last year right around allergy time when "everyone gets congested" in the springtime. I still get the dizzy feeling if I get congested. I avoid dairy and take allergy enzymes by enzymedica for my sinuses and congestion. It works. Oh and Fish oil helps too ;) Hope you feel better soon!