Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Treehouse / Kathy

This morning I decided to take the kids to Mom's house because the Penepacker kids would be hanging out there until 2p and because the backyard tree house was cleaned up and ready for play. We could only stay until 12 latest because the new ABA therapist was coming at 1p. We arrived and went through the sun room to the tree house. I was wary about the koi pond on either side of the narrow pathway leading up to the tree house ladder because Nikko might have an impulse to either jump in or start splashing. I herded him past the water quickly but he hesitated in the doorway of the treehouse. Perhaps he wanted me to go in as well, but I don't think I could fit in that house anymore. As a child I spent many, many hours sitting in there playing, but over the years it has been renovated to fit the times. Gone is the tree branch that went through the floor and the roof. Dad panelled the walls, tiled the floor, ran electricity through it to accommodate a fan, and the mini-tv has cable. It's crazy. Ronin and Audrey loved it and played happily alongside Sabrina and Alicia. But when Ronin decided he was done playing, he stated that he wanted to get out NOW.

We headed back home a little after 12 and I tried not to get anxious about it until we got stuck at the train tracks by a long train. We got home by 12:50 so I rushed to change Nikko's diaper and throw some chicken nuggets at him when Kathy arrived. She is taking over Tuesdays because Jenna can't fit us in her schedule for two days anymore. Kathy is a senior line person, graduated from college this past year in speech pathology, and is incredibly nice. I liked her immediately. Nikko did well with her too, because I didn't hear any crying or whining when we left him.

After the little kiddos had naps, I decided to give the boys their haircuts. I put on a Handy Manny DVD and they sat still for the most part. Nikko needed a little more reinforcement so out came the lollipops. I didn't make an excursion anywhere else today, but tomorrow Nikko has camp class and I plan to take the little kiddos to either Meijer or Wal-Mart to get some provisions like milk as well as two birthday gifts for two parties we are going to attend on Saturday.

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