Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two things

Did what I asked him to...
I forgot to mention two things Nikko did a few days ago. He had finished eating a slice of pizza and asked me for more. I said sure, and then, "Give me your plate, Nikko. Give me your plate." He stood up, picked up his plate and gave it to me. I thanked him happily because he followed this simple command instead of ignored it. The next day, I was in my bedroom and Nikko came up to me curiously. I gave him the swirl/unswirl whistle to blow, but he seemed disinterested. I said, "Nikko, give the whistle to Ronin. Give it to Ronin." He looked at me, turned, walked out of the room, stopped at Ronin in the living room and handed it to Ronin. I praised Nikko lavishly, then told Ronin to thank Nikko, which he did.

I have been using the Benefiber in Nikko's juice, 2x-3x/day, plus the probiotic and enzymatic capsules, had stopped giving him chocolate milk in the mornings, no milk (but just cheese on pizza) during the day, and STILL his BM's are inconsistent, and it's been two weeks and today I had to "help" Nikko again. I tried the Metamucil in his juice, but it's not as soluable as the Benefiber, as I found out when the glob of Metamucil formed a gel at the bottom of his juice cup and thermos. Don't know WHAT to do... get flavorless Metamucil? Increase Benefiber??

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