Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mimicking Wiggles / ice cream

We go into Nikko's Camp Class room to wait for Melisa to arrive. Since he didn't immediately rush over to the sand table, I steered him to a rug that had magnetic blocks and other building toys. The CD player had a Wiggles song playing:

Everybody clap,
(Clap! Clap! Clap! )
Everybody sing,
La la la la la!
Bow to your partner,
Then you turn around
Hands in the air,
Rock-a-bye your bear,
Bear's now asleep,
Shh! Shh! Shh!
Bear's now asleep,
Shh! Shh! Shh!

I looked over at Nikko and he had his arms cradled in front of him (Rock-a-bye your bear) and then he tilted his head to the side and put his hands under his cheek (Bear's now asleep). I was surprised to see him mimicking the movements to that song so I helped imitate his movements for one more verse. It makes me happy to know that he can recognize a song and imitate it from memory. Melisa showed up, I told Nikko, OK, I'll see you later! Kiss kiss!, and no tears. We picked him up at 11:30, had lunch, and then Sarah came over for therapy. She remarked at the end of it that she had never worked with a kid that could wipe his own nose. I looked at her quizzically and Sarah described how Nikko kept rubbing his nose because it bothered him, so much that he got up, went to the box of Kleenex, took one out and started wiping his nose. It's too bad he hasn't mastered this during bloody nose episodes. But hey, that was great to hear!

Later in the afternoon and after the kids' naps (however, not Nikko. He had therapy instead) I tried giving the kids popsicles for snack. Audrey didn't like it because it was too cold. Ronin tried an orange one, but must have lost interest. Nikko liked the cherry popsicle and had two, but became angry when the second one broke apart toward the end of the stick. He tried to put them back together to no avail. I had to take away the drippy, messy stick and plate, and revert to plan B: ice cream sandwiches. It worked, but Nikko was extremely messy. I even dug up a So Delicious ice cream sandwich that was Ronin-friendly, despite the freezer burn. I wonder how many times Nikko will bug me in the next day or two for ice cream, popsicles, and ice cream sandwiches. He hadn't napped all day so bedtime was welcoming to him. Before hopping into bed, Denis held onto Nikko's burp cloth and asked Nikko what he wanted. Denis waited until Nikko said, "Burp cloth please daddy." Hooray!! I still have to prompt Nikko many, many times before he properly asks for something. Except for cheese puffs, unfortunately.

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