Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby the baby

Nikko has become attached to the doll in the stroller that Audrey got for her birthday. When it is sitting in the stroller, he will be nearby and sometimes will lean his head way into the stroller as if to look at her face up close. He has brought the stroller to me, whining, saying, "Seat, seat." I'll see that the velcro strap to the seat belt is undone and I'll fix it. Then he'll wheel her off. Or the toy bar has one end unsnapped and he'll bring it to me for an adjustment. I decided not to name the baby so that Nikko will just call it Baby and perhaps generalize with other babies.

School report: Snack - Nikko ate several pieces of banana today. it was cut into 3 pieces and he peeled it and ate it!

Nikko had swim class tonight. I think he was excited about it because when I asked him about swim class, he ran to the schedule on the wall and looked at the picture for Nikko Swim, which has a stick person swimming in waves. When they returned, Denis said that he is doing better in the class but is still very wriggly. He especially doesn't let Miss Connie hold him floating on his back for very long. Of course he wants to do his own thing, but I hope the classes will eventually sink in.

Finally, today the class pictures came back. Nikko looks great. He's smiling at the camera and looking right into the lens. I couldn't have asked for a better picture of Nikko.

I wish I could say the same for Ronin's picture. I looked at it and was so disappointed. He was looking off to the side of the camera. He wasn't smiling. He looked like it was the last place on earth he wanted to be. What happened to my bright, shining star? Where were his THREE dimples? I'm contemplating a retake and would then prep him for the next two weeks so that he will SMILE on command. I feel like the opportunity for a great smile was wasted on Ronin. I wonder if he was scared, which would lead to noncompliance.

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