Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PECS and positive days

Nikko's school report:
OT -Ding lots of heavy work and movement activities. Afterwards worked on a target pumpkin toss activity and did a scrunch art apple activity.
Speech - Greeting and worked on "Where is ____?" Very mad at end of day. He was attached to a plastic apple and got very upset when we put it away.

For the past two days, Nikko has been very interested in eating the spinach ravioli from Costco that I've made. "Pasta." He's literally wolfing it down at dinner and lunch. Am I complaining? NO! It's the only green thing that he will ingest, at least green on the inside with a splattering of spaghetti sauce on the outside. He's even rejecting the store-bought pizza. However, I should try to make the "homemade" pizza for him, just for variety.

The school made Nikko's communication book, complete with PECS pictures and pages that have shapes, emotions (very important page), vehicles, people and food. It inspired me to get off my duff tonight and move forward on the picture schedule for the kitchen that I've been meaning to create since we got back from the retreat at the end of September. I just have to make a few more pictures for it, like Play Outside, Exercise Class, Clean Up, Mom's House, Lolo & Lola's House, and Birthday Party. These cards will help outline the day/week. It will be helpful to Nikko as well as the other kids. My only problem I foresee is that Ronin or Audrey will try to rip off the pictures and run around with them.

Nikko has had two great days of ABA in a row. He had no And upstairs, he hasn't been as volatile as he was last week. If he cries, there's a reason for it (Ronin pushed him, Audrey took away his toy). His bowel movements have been moving, more or less. Today was strange because he really didn't drink much liquid. His glass of juice from the morning sat for most of the day until school. Did he sense I had dumped MiraLAX into it? I'll try again tomorrow.

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