Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I woke up at 7 and heard Nikko talking to himself so I got out of bed and went into his. I've been trying to get him on the toilet right after waking up, but since I went to bed at 3am (reorganizing the pantry) I was pretty toast. When I finally got us moving he had already filled his pull-up with pee so I just changed him on the floor. Why make him sit on the toilet for nothing, and me freezing in the bathroom? The other two kids were still sleeping, but Nikko headed toward their room saying, "G'morning, Ronin. G'morning Audrey" even before the door was opened. I told Nikko to come to the couch instead and when he saw the Hungry Hippos game still sitting there, he immediately joined me. For some reason I decided to see if Nikko knew some colors so I asked him, "What color is that?" I pointed to a hippo and at first he didn't say orange until I said it. When I pointed to the next hippo he correctly said, "Yellow." And so it was with "Green." He didn't get Pink correct but repeated it to me after prompting. I was impressed that he could answer what color something was when I pointed to it. He was also successful in the evening when I pointed to Lightning McQueen and asked what color is that. "Red," he said tentatively, but I lavished him with praise so he could be confident in his answer.

Kathy told me that Nikko was very unfocused during the session today. They completed all the drills but it was difficult to turn his attention to the task at hand. He just wanted to lay on the foof chairs. I wondered if he was thinking about the Hungry Hippo game upstairs, or if he was tired (probably not), but after she left I saw that he had a poop in his pull-up so maybe he was uncomfortable and didn't want to sit down. OH.

After snack time I took the kids to the playground at the Westbrook School. I wanted them to play in a safe and familiar environment. Audrey was new to the playground so I shadowed her more than the boys. Since I had been so awful to these kids the past two days I decided to take them to McDonald's for dinner. Denis was coming home late and I figured the segue to bedtime would be quick. The kids enjoyed the nuggets and fries, of course, and continued to carry around their Happy Meal boxes around the house. Ronin really likes his and brought it to bed.

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