Tuesday, October 5, 2010


****TMI ALERT****
The MiraLAX is working again because throughout the day Nikko had little smeary poop. I'm glad in a way because that means his bowels are moving and he's not in a constipated state. The part that I'm not crazy about is that Nikko is wearing pull-ups now and his changes are frequent. In fact, I had to change him so many times and wipe his butt that I think he's developing a rash that's been there before. And it's painful. What gets me is that pull-ups are expensive. There are less pull-ups in a box than diapers. Each diaper change costs approx. $.27/diaper. Each pull-up change costs approx. $.37. While the pull-ups have velcro sides for easy removal, if I put an ointment on Nikko's butt then putting on the pull-up becomes a challenge of neatness. And Nikko has such easy access with a pull-up that I am constantly keeping an eye on him so that he doesn't reach in and smear.
"No hands in pants!" I'll say sharply when I see Nikko's hand creeping. He'll jolt when I surprise him, which is often. Heheheh.

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