Thursday, October 28, 2010

The last two straws

School report: OT - Didn't want to come at first, but then played flashlight tag and was fascinated by flashlight. Played toss with pumpkin balloon - with verbal cues throw to me and also caught balloon! Then at table -worked on drawing pumpkins and ghosts.
ST - Rough day for speech too. Cried - mad. Didn't get much done.

*****TMI ALERT*****
Nikko didn't have a poop yesterday. Today when I changed him before school there was just a little poop, not rock solid. I wondered if it was a constipation sign and feared it slightly. I had forgotten to put miralax in his juice one day over the weekend and feared this would be the result. He came home from school and didn't look right. When Jenna came, he was resistant to go downstairs. He started yanking away at my arm when I pulled him to the foof chairs. Still, I gave him some hugs and left them to work. I could hear him doing some whining and screaming a few minutes later. I went over to his backpack and read his school report. When I saw that he had a bad day at school, I realized that he was not going to accomplish anything during ABA today. I went downstairs to talk to Jenna and Nikko was teary-eyed, red-rimmed. She said that any time she tried to engage him in an activity he would dramatically fall on the foof chairs or scramble away from her. I told her we should cancel the rest of his session and she offered Monday as a make-up session which I gladly took. It was around dinnertime that I decided that Nikko would need help pooping again. I had to do it before leaving for Zumba class, so at 7p I changed his diaper and put in a suppository, telling myself I'd give it 10 minutes to work since the last time it took well over 15 minutes. He went through waves of struggling and then resting against my chest, and when he pushed his poop through I felt him shudder as if it were very painful. It was a big blockage. :( I had to hold him a few minutes longer just in case he wasn't finished and it was during this time that he went ballistic. He kicked and squirmed and screamed until I decided it was long enough to let him go. I felt so bad for Nikko. I hope that his day tomorrow will be better and that he's in a good mood. I will up the miralax yet again. I basically have two straws left in my pocket. One will be to look up something called Motion Potion. I googled it a few months back and hesitated because I heard it may not be as soluble in juice as miralax, but now I'm going to seriously look it up and read more. Second, I will revisit the website and reread all the information on medical testing. I am going to look into the holistic doctor that my friend Heather suggested a long time ago. I have nothing to lose anymore.

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