Friday, May 15, 2009

Another brick block day

It was an indoor day today. Cyndi showed up to chitchat. We started in the kitchen and move to the living room after the kids were finished with breakfast. I told her about lots of the things I have been blogging about, especially the Botanic Gardens incident. She felt really bad for me. Cyndi reminded me to possibly use a harness on Nikko. I have one somewhere in my room, but never thought I'd have to use it in the near future. I should dig it up. I don't want to use it just going to the grocery. If I'm with someone and we designate who watches whom, this shouldn't be a problem. But the fact that we have 3 kids makes the designation a bit lopsided, I realize. :/ After Cyndi left, Nikko was indeed clingy. He has been for quite some time. Cyndi makes me nervous about it because she warns that preschool will be a problem for him. He is transitioning better between things so if we keep working on that, perhaps incorporate a transitioning song, maybe it will ease his fears. The brick blocks became the center of things again today. Nikko did a better job of building up, and I made an expressway with a few tunnels for cars. I've got to find some storage for the blocks, however, because they litter the floor haphazardly. Gotta be a better way to contain them. Nikko managed to take a short nap today, but it happened around 6:15pm. We were just watching TV and he was nodding off behind me. The rest of the evening was fine, Nikko was doing some crashing in the kitchen against the wall near his booster chair.

His eye contact with me has been pretty good lately. He's also becoming very aware of what mood I'm in. When I get upset, he gets upset. Before he used to not care at all. He and I are still clashing on power struggles regarding food, but he is learning that if he wants a vitamin or crackers, I make him eat a chicken nugget first. Remember that battle we had about that a few weeks ago? Since then, when I tell him to eat a nugget FIRST, and THEN he gets whatever it is, he has been compliant. I unearthed my Greenspan book on floortime play, and have an interest to continue reading it to see if I can find some more ways to help Nikko along. I forgot why I put it down, but I'm glad I picked it up again.

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