Friday, May 8, 2009

What does Nikko like?

Chinny and Chester came over today to babysit while Nikko had DT with Bo. He seemed interested in the beginning, doing the fishing-pole puzzle very nicely and using the pole appropriately. She had some nesting cups and her rainbow toy, plastic food and Elmo, but a little more than halfway he became Noodleman and didn't even want to sit up. He kept leaning back on me. I can't say he had a very good session because I can't remember anything remarkable happening from it, unfortunately. I think I need to jot down what he's doing right then and there, because if I have to run out the door right after (like today) then I can't recall all the details. I just remember cleaning up a lot of puzzle pieces because he wasn't attending very well. Lunch followed DT and Chester was the one wrangling Nikko today when I ran out the door with Audrey to her doctor appointment. I also went to Jewel and Costco (for 3 boxes of diapers, #4, #5, and #6... of course a mom commented to me, "how many babies do you have??" "Three under three," I replied) because my shopping lists were long, but it was time well spent in my opinion. I am very grateful to Chinny for coming and not minding sitting with the boys to let me go out, and thanks to Chester today as well. I think Nikko really enjoyed having him around. He looked at Chester from the corner of his eye when Chester wasn't looking, and even ended up leaning on Chester or coming up to him for a brief moment and then fleeting. Those are good signs. I'm still having some Vitamin issues with Nikko, and I may be making a big mistake by giving him chocolate pudding as well because he's starting to camp in front of the fridge in the hopes that I will automatically give him the goods. I'm going to have to get that picture schedule out, or just start with the photos without a board, to get Nikko to make a choice.

Yesterday the therapists noticed that when Nikko was melting down, I was using deep strokes on his arms and back and head to calm him down. They noted it was a good thing that I pay attention to Nikko to see what calms him, that I know him best. They encouraged me to follow what Nikko likes to do, and build upon that. What does Nikko like to do? UM, he likes to watch Hi-5 on TV, and he used to love watching Thomas but not as much lately. He likes those Real Trains for Kids DVDs. He likes to eat, and he loves the sweet stuff. He seems to enjoy looking out the window, and he loves to run free outside. He likes the slides at the park. He likes innovative things, like the flashlight, or the spatula. I think he likes doing puzzles with the therapists, and he likes painting with Shelly. I don't think he's that into cars, but I see emerging play.

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