Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Fishy Morning

Speech therapy went well for the first half, but Nikko got distracted and antsy for the latter. He started out with a fish-shaped peg board and he mimicked the fish swimming. Then he was doing some puzzles with magnets and a magnetic fishing pole. It was really a flash of productive play and he attended to it well. The fish moved on to vehicles, but then we were starting to lose his attention. We found out toward the end that Nikko had to do a #2, so maybe that's why he wasn't in the mood to sit still in the corner and work/play. Gloria noted that his intonation sounded good and he babbles to himself a lot. Stuff that seems on the verge of speaking, but we both know that he needs a few more things to click. Later in the day I got a call from Kathy from District 57 to set up 3 meetings that will evaluate Nikko and determine if he's eligible for special needs preschool. I'm glad I talked to Gloria a little bit after therapy about her thoughts on whether or not to proceed and see Dr. Keck (who was able to push our appointment to tomorrow to see her) and Dr. Keen and find out what kind of direction we should take with Nikko's autism and therapies. Gloria felt sympathy for me that I admitted I felt totally lost about when Early Intervention will end. Preschool will start for Nikko, but will he need home-based therapy, and who will determine that for us? Those are my worries.

I took Audrey with me to the chiro and I felt so bad that Chinny had to hold Nikko back on the floor. He was wailing really hard that I was leaving, but all the therapists are telling me that I need to encourage his independence and leave him more frequently. Chinny was great. The chiro is going to refer an orthopedist to give me a cortisone shot for my back. Thank heaven! Hopefully that will happen this week or next, latest. I went to Target on the way home to get a humidifier for Ronin and managed to pick up a few more things along the way. The best things I got were two little durable flashlights from the dollar bins. I put batteries in them and gave the boys one apiece. They enjoyed running around with them a lot, and will probably burn out their retinas from the light bulb. Nikko was able to turn his on and off and he watched the light on the ceiling very closely. I thought they were a success. I also got from the dollar bins a screwdriver for myself, and I must say that I love it. It's magnetized to hold the nib at the tip, and it's blue. Ooooooooooo.

I don't know why, but Nikko again displayed a ferocity in his attachment to me today. He also showed some empathy because this morning, while I was *ahem* yelling at Ronin, Nikko started to wail and looked a bit scared. Then he indicated that he wanted a vitamin and I got upset that he chose a very stressful moment to want that dreaded vitamin. Needless to say I gave in and gave him a vitamin, so I lost the fight today. We have had some big power struggles. Today we struggled over having more chocolate pudding. I gave him some earlier in the day, and he wanted more right before dinner. Of course I didn't give it to him until much later. But I have to show him the empty container of anything for him to see that there truly is no more of something. If he can comprehend that, it must be a really good thing, right?

St. Alexian called to tell me that our appointment in two weeks could be moved up to 1pm tomorrow. I had to call mom to secure her help in the afternoon with the babies. I have to mapquest directions. Overall, I'm excited for Nikko that we get to see someone, but I'm nervous as well.

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