Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not much Nikko today

Nikko didn't really seem like himself today. He was more withdrawn, until the end of the night when he started doing some big-time crashing during Blues Clues. I wonder if it was because he seemed to need to poop all day. Before lunch and afterward he watched TV but not with much interest. He almost fell asleep for a nap on the floor while I sat there with Audrey, but I ruined it when I picked him up and tried to relocate him to the couch. He didn't go back to sleep all day. I have to learn my lesson here already, that if he falls asleep on the floor, leave him alone or he will wake up for good! I had more frustrations with Ronin today, but Nikko had a few flashes where I wasn't cool with what he was doing. He was twirling in the draperies on top of the table in the picture window. Ronin was doing the same thing and I got nervous that either of them could take a tumble. I finally had to wrap the inner curtains around the drapery rod so neither of them could reach the drapes. Another time I was frustrated with Nikko was when he started flinging some little stuffed animals into the air. I was watchful but got upset when he repeatedly flung them toward the TV and they fell behind. I really got an angry voice going. While I was cleaning up the animals he saw one on the floor and handed it to me. I felt bad instantly. We went down to the basement after naptime to play for a bit. It's been awhile since I took them downstairs, but unfortunately we didn't stay long because I could smell that Nikko had a poo. I couldn't find the wipes downstairs so I had to cut off our play and order us all upstairs again. I don't like to wait a long time for the kids to meander in poopy diapers because the ugly consequence is a rashy butt. In regards to signing, he was definitely copying the sign for Eat. I didn't reward him with food, unfortunately, because we were in the living room. Gloria suggested that I give him food when he signs Eat, but geography puts a damper on those plans. If I reward him with something like a gummy fruit snack, he may associate that only with the snack. Guess I have to just drill it during mealtimes. One sign I definitely saw him copy (but might not retain. We'll have to practice it) was Flower. It was clumsy but obvious to me. Ronin the show-off came over and prominently put his fingers on one side of his nose to the other side, the sign for Flower. Two other things I saw from Nikko today had to do with sibling tolerance. He was being lazy on the floor near an ottoman and Ronin came along to climb up onto the ottoman by standing on Nikko's back. Nikko didn't seem to notice or care that Ronin was there, but Ronin started bouncing on Nikko's back so I told him to get off. Second, Audrey was sitting on the floor playing with the things in her basket as usual. I saw Nikko walk by her and lightly drum his fingers on the top of her head, then continue walking. She didn't notice, but I did.

I am dreading the next two and a half weeks because the Folks and Chinny are in the Philippines. I will have no one around to take Ronin during Nikko's therapies. It is so hard to have a successful therapy session with Ronin crawling through the therapists' bags to get to their toys. I'll get a week back and then Denis will be gone for a little over a week in Georgia. I am going to take Nikko with me to visit him on that weekend, but during the week I think I am going to be depressed because I'll have to put the kids to bed by myself. I wonder if Nikko will go to bed before Ronin will, or if I will have to put Ronin down before Nikko. Tomorrow Ronin will have his first speech therapy lesson with Peter Lyon, who was Nikko's original speech guy. I wonder if Nikko will be a deterred during Ronin's session. Ronin's regular times will be Mondays at 11:30a. We are going to have to get home after playgroup to meet up with Peter by then.

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