Monday, May 4, 2009

Roller Coaster

Two little things happened today that I don't want to forget. One of them was while we were watching Hi-5, it was the Roller Coaster song where the guys mimic going up-up-up and down-down-down. I use my own spin on it and coast along the kitchen, singing the song nice and loud so the boys are entertained. I was changing Nikko's diaper on the floor when the song came on and he took his arms while flat on his back and put them up over his head, smiling, as if he were doing the roller coaster ride. He's never seen or been on one, but the imitation was awesome! Any kind of imitation he does is a good sign to me. The second good thing today was that Denis came home for a short while to mow the lawn, and I had the babies down for a nap so I ushered Nikko out the door and we ran around the driveway and backyard for 20 minutes. The weather was great, sunny and cool. Nikko was doing a funny wobbly run but I wasn't worried because I know he can run straight-legged as well. Nikko used the slide a little bit but also explored the backyard and used sticks to poke at tree debris. He's a fast runner; he took off down the driveway and rounded the corner as if he were racing toward the school, but he saw me chasing after him and he took a giggly left turn on Manolo's front lawn, going back up the driveway. If I was wearing Audrey I wouldn't have caught him. Alas, it was her cries that sent us back in. Despite this exercise, Nikko didn't take a nap this afternoon. He did, however, fall asleep quickly at night.

This morning I cancelled our playgroup visit because last night I had a sore throat and thought it would be worse this morning. It wasn't that bad, just a hacking cough, but I didn't want to deal with the drama of getting us out the door in the morning. I also didn't have daycare for Ronin so it was a moot point. I have to make it a point to call the daycare on Wednesdays to reserve for Monday morning. He was whining more than usual today for certain things. I think he assumes I know exactly what he wants when he sits in his chair and whines for it. But sometimes it is a serious guessing game and I have to tell him to show me what he wants. Lately it's been the Saltines crackers on top of the fridge, but before that it was the vitamin dealio. This morning he whined for a vitamin and I told him sternly that he gets one now, but if he eats the other one then there's NO MORE, that's it for the entire day. He only ate one, go figure. I'm surprised he forgot to ask for another. For some reason, Nikko also whined when I turned on Hi-5 today. I was taken aback because he loves watching it. Granted, we haven't seen it in a few days, but I was determined that we would watch it. When I fast-forwarded to a skit (passed the introduction song), he calmed down and was interested. I worried for a minute that my go-to DVD wasn't going to work anymore. *whew!* Nikko and Ronin battled over the deflating yellow balloon that came from Red Robin. They would both dive for the balloon and whoever got it first would run away with it, leaving the other one shrieking. Ronin was the one that lost out most of the time, of course. I guess the best thing that happened was that the balloon finally dissipated. Ronin brought me the empty carcass of the balloon and I told him the balloon went night-night. End of story.

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