Monday, May 18, 2009

Kisses on my nose

It wasn't an eventful day in terms of activities, just a few little things. The Creens came by to give us some baby girl stuff that was intended for Goodwill but would come to use by Audrey if I wanted. I was very grateful! They came while Ronin was napping so Denis, Nikko, Audrey and I were in the driveway chatting for a bit with the Creens. Nikko was happy to be outside, holding a branch and running circles around their Suburban SUV. And right before dinner, while Denis was cleaning up the lawn in the backyard, the kids and I kept him company. Ronin looked like such a big little helper as he tried to use the adult-sized shovel to flatten a pile of leaves. Meanwhile, Nikko held another branch and ran back and forth between the cars, looking up at the sky from time to time.

Earlier in the day we were all in the living room while Audrey napped in the bedroom. I lay down on the floor to catch a snooze during Hi-5 (which allots me 23 minutes when it's On Demand). When I woke up, Nikko's face was right on top of my face and I felt his dry, cracked lips on my nose. He was leaning in and kissing my nose, the way he kisses me good night at bedtime. In fact, he tried kissing my nose pretty much all throughout lunch and a few times during the evening. When he would lean in, I'd let him, but I'd also try to kiss his nose back and he'd giggle. These displays of affection are very dear to me because he'd never do that before. The only bad part to this day was while I was washing Audrey up for the evening. The boys kept coming in and out of the bathroom, so Denis closed the door, keeping them out. The cries and screams of bloody murder were ringing under the door. Nikko was stomping and thrashing about, wailing because he was so upset that he didn't have access to me. Ronin chimed in too at first, but later decided it wasn't worth the fuel it was taking to protest. Nikko was incredibly flushed from his outburst. When I opened the door and proceeded to take care of Audrey, the moment was over.

Tomorrow we have playgroup and I hope that things go as smoothly as they did last week. I plan to leave early, however, so that we are not late to daycare for Ronin.

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