Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eat More Please

Today was going along just like a regular day with no therapies. All the kids woke up late, strangely. It wasn't until lunch, or post-lunch, that something noteworthy happened. Nikko had not finished his nuggets and mac and cheese, so I didn't want to give him anything else. I think his craving for mac and cheese has waned just as fast as it came in. I'm also going to stop giving it to him because it may be coincidence, but for the three days that I've given it to him has hasn't been acting as "crisp" as usual. I wonder if I remove it, will I notice a difference? Anyway, I gave Ronin some crackers and Nikko wanted some, too. I resisted at first, but he signed More so I gave him some. When he finished, he was looking at me like he wanted more. When I resisted again, he signed very clearly: Eat More Please. How could I not give him what he asked for?? I said to him, "Nikko, you're breaking my heart here!" I've wondered if he was getting the concept of the sign Eat or if he was just imitating the DVD, but I was surprised to see him use it sitting at the dinner table. Very appropriate. I'd put that as a yes, he understands what he watched in my book!

I didn't want to waste the day like yesterday where the naps were so uneven that we didn't get to play outside so I made it a point to make sure we'd leave. My goal was to go to Costco and to the Container Store. We managed to do that. Nikko fell asleep in the car after Costco, which was lucky for me so that he was knocked out the entire shopping trip. I used the double, put Audrey in the car seat, and held Ronin on the handlebars the way I do it on Mondays and Thursdays. When we were inside the store, I let Ronin free but kept tabs on him. He was cute running slightly amok, but nearby. I had to reign him in a few times plus called out his name many times, but overall he was a good kid in the store.

At home I let the boys run loose until dinner. I bought a small inflatable pool for Audrey to sit in while the boys ran around so she wouldn't have to be confined to the car seat each time. I'll get it on the grass eventually. We came in and I started dinner. It was really late, but that's the sacrifice I made so that they could play outside. I started them on nuggets but wanted them to eat cheese quesadillas. I made some with Monterey Jack for Nikko, who liked them, and I made some with a vegan cheese for Ronin. He ate some as well. Success! Late dinner meant late baths and bed, but they all ended up in bed. Nikko is resisting being left alone in the room again. I don't know what sparked this, and wonder when he will stop. His resistance was big, but he did get over it quicker than I thought. Tomorrow we have a housewarming party and a birthday party to attend in the afternoon so I have to pack as if we're going on vacation. We'll probably experience leaking, and running out of juice.

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