Monday, June 1, 2009

No more mac cheese

Am I overthinking the mac cheese thing? He hasn't had any since lunch tomorrow and I think I'm going to hold off on giving him any for a few days. I've had a weird feeling about his behavior the past few days, and today I feel it even more as I watched him run around today. He looks like he's just enjoying being outdoors or lining up his cars, but even more so today he was doing lots of lining up and he's been peering out of the corner of his eyes. A lot. It worries me a lot. I've been approaching him, getting into his face and having him avert his eyes purposefully. I've held his face still, by the chin, and still he won't meet my gaze. I have to call his name softly and sing-songy, and give him little tickles or strokes on his face to get him to look at me with clarity. He smiles all the while, but I tell him to come back to Planet Earth and get off Planet Nikko for a while. I'm just not happy seeing his eyes shift sideways so much. I think it has increased, and I think the mac cheese might have something to do with it. So far, it's the only variable that is different in his daily routine. The only other variable has been the appearance of the Signing Time DVDs. Hmmmmm.

The morning flew and before you knew it, it was time to put on socks and shoes to go to Wendie's housewarming party. We were late, of course. Her house is HUGE and they live in Streamwood. We got there and let the boys walk on the sidewalk, following us to the house. It's a nice experiment to see if they will follow or run away. They looked like ducklings following their mom. Nikko fortunately spent a lot of time playing with Ismael in the backyard. He seemed not to mind his company, maybe because he's been around Ish before. Both boys liked the fish tank in their sitting room. *Sigh* I guess I should really consider getting one. But I couldn't leave it in their bedroom. Can you imagine, when they start sharing a room, if there was a lonely, unprotected fish tank filled to the brim with WATER and LIVE FISH and LOTS OF GRAVEL just sitting within arm's reach on their dresser? The horror.

After Wendie's, we went to see the Creen Family, Denis' coworker, wife Gail and two girls, Riley and Samantha. They have a big, spring-less web-surrounded trampoline in their backyard. Nikko liked jumping on it and got the hang of it quickly. Ronin, however, didn't like it and sat in Denis' lap, refusing to jump. I think it was too wobbly for him. He preferred terra firma. Nikko also was obsessed over stick-like things again, and he got tired toward the end so we had to go. Even the presence of ice cream was short-lived. The kids have been waking up late the past few days and I have to get them back on schedule. If they are slow starters tomorrow, though, I might not go to playgroup. Personally I don't want to rush around to get all three kids out the door, but we'll see. I do want him to go to playgroup, but Ronin in daycare could be traumatic again. He has to go anyway if we go.

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