Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OCD with brick blocks

I got us to playgroup only slightly late this time, by about five minutes instead of ten or fifteen. Nikko was not totally uncooperative today, but he didn't do as much as I wanted him to. He paid minimal attention during circle time; I had to wrangle him in place and put my back up against a cupboard that had musical instruments that he wanted. He didn't play with any toys except for the toy airplane and a little of the bean box. Instead he ran back and forth across the room and used some drumsticks. He didn't really participate in the craft, but certainly sat still for snack time. There's a new kid named Brandon who only speaks Spanish. I don't know if the language thing is the only reason he's there, but he seems pretty normal, sharp and polite. We came home from playgroup so that Ronin could have speech with Peter. Nikko was lining up the brick blocks and was very obsessed with keeping them in a straight line. A little OCD for sure. Throughout the day he seemed rather mellow, but when I put the Signing Time DVD on he was all smiles. With Denis out of town I had to do bath and bedtime by myself. I started early with Audrey because she seemed crankiest. She hated having a bath in the little bathtub, but it's harder to wash her in the sink nowadays because she's getting heavy. The boys were next after she went to sleep. I put Ronin down first, and then lay with Nikko. I know he likes having me nearby, but I wonder if that kept him from falling asleep faster. He did take a nap today between 4:30 and 6p so perhaps the nap kept him up later. We have speech tomorrow but I don't have anything planned outdoors officially because it's going to be a scorcher. Still, I should try to get these kids outdoors or take them to Costco at the least.

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