Monday, June 29, 2009

JAX part 1

Summary: Nikko and I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, to spend time with Denis who is in Brunswick, Georgia doing some work-related training. We were standby flyers on Southwest and spent a lot of time in the airports. The best part of the trip was being on the actual beach by the ocean. Nikko loved it. He also enjoyed the warm hotel pool. Coming back was rough, but we survived.

The Details:
I scooped up Nikko at 5:50am, put him in the car and drove off to Midway Airport. I was nervous and sick to my stomach because I hadn't been to Midway in a long time. I feared getting lost and I feared that we wouldn't get on a flight. Both fears were unfounded when we arrived in one piece, on time, and got in line for our boarding passes with no events. I told them Nikko was a special needs child and they gave us a preboarding pass for disabilities. You could say it was our golden ticket to sitting next to each other. One little unfortunate incident that happened at the gate was that Nikko unexpectedly grabbed the cane of a blind man who was walking nearby. We were sitting on the floor watching our DVD player but Nikko's hand came out of nowhere. The man was startled and said something after I apologized. I don't remember what he said, but I'm sure he wasn't thrilled. The funny part was that after it all happened, he decided to sit down in the seat next to us. Glutton for punishment? I had to restrain Nikko from going for his cane again. Our plane was headed to Indianapolis and then to Jacksonville. It was already delayed by 50 minutes, but then after we boarded there was some mechanical malfunction and we had to go to another gate to switch planes. That was a lot of hard work. And all the while I still felt like puking. Nikko was awake to Indianapolis, but slept all the way to Jacksonville.

BTW, I'll probably continue this tomorrow because I'm dead tired right now, it's 2:30ish again and I need some sleep. I took notes, anyway.......

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