Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thomas lures Nikko downstairs

More banana eating this morning, and then I coerced him into finishing them so he could eat some gummi vites. He went back to bread and butter, but I noticed that while he didn't eat mac cheese shells, he did show a little interest in the regular noodle mac cheese. Short-order cooking is not my thing! Nikko was also extremely clingy again today. Giving him more affection and big hugs are always things I like to do for him, but he's not getting less clingy from it. Even at Mom's house today he followed me around a lot, but refused to follow me downstairs despite the lure of a ton of Thomas the Tank Engine toys laying around for my brother Fran's kids to play with. Nikko eventually came down, curious by the Thomas DVD playing on TV. Fran tried to interact with Nikko, and Nikko did look at him, but started avoiding Fran's eye contact and reacting slightly to Fran's friendly tickling pokes. I think Nikko will warm up to Fran by the end of the week if Fran keeps it up. Fran noted that Nikko seems to need more socialization and interaction to improve, and I agree. That's why preschool will be very good for him. I hope. We didn't have playgroup today because Shirley was in the Dells with her family. Ronin had speech, however, and he didn't have as stellar a session as he did last week. Seems like he wanted to show off in front of Peter instead of talk for us. Tomorrow Nikko has speech and I really hope Chinny comes to take Ronin downstairs for a bit. I think Ronin is hampering Nikko's ability to focus. On the way home from Mom's house, Nikko didn't sleep in the car like the other two. He didn't seem as cashed out as they were. I heard him say "No" to himself again and wondered if there's a specific part of the train DVD that he's watching that prompts him to say that.

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