Saturday, June 20, 2009

The quiet before the storm

Nikko was eerily quiet today. This is not to say that he didn't have his moments where he didn't babble or crash, because he did do those things. It was when he wasn't doing those things that he seemed rather mellow, slightly pensive, but mostly he looked like his mind was on pause. I can't quite put a finger on it. I think he's been going through a stage change, which might explain all the resistance in therapies or clinginess to me, but this is all speculation. I had complained to Shelly that we might be at another plateau and I didn't know what to do about it. I'm not blaming it on Shelly or anyone. She's been great about trying to up his input on the swing and giving him some challenging crafts like the scissors. I just have a feeling that we have reached another plateau and I wish I could think of something to jumpstart it. Preschool is on the horizon, but that's still months away. One thing that I think will have a big factor on his behavior is being outdoors. I've noticed that while he initially used to enjoy running back and forth, stimming off the fences and telephone lines, nowadays he also likes to explore. He likes to ride his tricycle. And if I can make things more challenging for him, I'd like to see if he could experience cool things outside. Bubbles is fun, but getting the kiddie pools cleaned and running would be awesome. And ultimately getting that swingset up would be the best thing for both boys. So when is that happening? Good question.

I gave the boys haircuts in the kitchen. I forgot to time it. This time I didn't use any food to keep them sitting still. Instead, I put in the Signing Time DVD and that kept Nikko in the chair. Ronin also watched, but moved around a lot more. And unfortunately when I was changing Ronin standing up, he peed A LOT on the floor. More to clean up. I snacked the kids around 4-ish, and then got the call from Denis that he'd meet us there instead of coming home first. Off and on today were the fiercest thunderstorms and tornado warnings, so it was dark a lot of the day with patches of light. I drove us down to the in-laws and one of the storms hit us when we were passing through Oakbrook. The winds were so strong that it was making the Pilot wobble back and forth. When we got there, the in-laws lost power so it was hot and humid. The boys initially refused to eat anything at dinner so that wasn't fun juggling. Ronin relented, however, so I got him to sit down and eat rice. Nikko flat out refused, didn't even take the bread and butter I brought, and refused anything I offered him. But later on, when Denis was eating, Nikko came over to him to mooch off his plate and he ate some tater tots. I wonder why he didn't eat with me. Wasn't hungry at that point in time? We got home late, gave baths and bed late. But that won't stop Audrey from waking up early, probably before 7am.

I don't have anything specific planned tomorrow other than making a trip to Costco to get something for the Father's Day get-together at Pat's and possibly getting something for all the dads. Gift cards? Then I'd have to go to Jewel with the 3, and I have no idea how I'd do that without a shopping cart given right to me. I'd like to see if I can engage Nikko in something productive. I worry more about the days when we don't have something planned because I feel like Nikko will be at a standstill.

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