Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An FS lesson

An uneventful day at home with no therapies on the calendar. We were possibly going poolside with Atz, Sabrina and Allie but a thunderstorm cut that off, along with Atz getting busy with other things. Since we had been inside all day, and with Nikko waking up from a two-hour nap, I decided to get the kids outdoors for just a little bit before dinner. It was HOT today, and unfortunately it was still around 89 degrees and humid at 6pm. I put Audrey on a banig (straw mat for sitting on grass), put up the baby gate, took out the cozy coupe and tricycle, and fired up the bubble machine. Ronin was fine, running around, and even took a tumble on the ground, scuffing his forehead on the pavement. Ouch! Audrey sat on the mat and wasn't thrilled about being outside, but didn't get antsy until the end. Nikko started out on the tricycle but seemed bored outside. He put some sticks through the grating over the window well, ran underneath the picnic table as if it were a tunnel, and enjoyed the bubbles for a little bit, but he seemed mellow and sullen. After a half hour of being out in the sticky heat I figured that the kids were probably more uncomfortable than I so I rounded everyone back into the cool house. Aaaaaaahhhhh...

The only other noteworthy action today had to do with FS again. Around 2:40 Nikko must have decided that he hadn't seen any FS for a while so he took my hand and started dragging me toward the hall closet where he saw me grab a few bags when we had speech on Tuesday. I knew where we were going and I flatly refused to go there, refused to budge from the chair I sat in and refused to give him my hands. I didn't want to give in to the FS again. He was very upset, screamed and cried and tried to pry my hands free. He wasn't letting up so I figured I could see if I could get him to point again. I felt a little defeated that I was giving FS, but convinced myself that I was going through a training session. I let him lead me to the closet and pretended that I didn't know which door he wanted. I pretended not to know what he wanted by pointing into our bedroom and the bathroom. I asked him many times what did Nikko want? He looked away a lot. But after five minutes of guessing and guessing, I saw his hand flicker with a finger toward the door. It wasn't prominent enough for me so I asked him firmly what did Nikko want and he finally did point toward the door. I squealed my approval and opened the door. He looked up at the shelf with the fruit snacks and I continued to be positive by asking him what he wanted. Ronin came by and immediately pointed up toward the box, but this was Nikko's show so I kept at him. Nikko finally did point upward and I rewarded him happily with the hard-earned FS. I guess if I don't want him to eat them all the time, the least I should do if the situation looks perilous is make him work for it, right? I think that's what a therapist would tell me. He still acts like he doesn't hear what I'm saying, but at the same time I can tell that he understands what I am saying. This afternoon he was trouncing around the living room and being reckless, and put a hand on the rubber mats on the floor as if to pick up a square. I immediately said NO and told Nikko not to lift them up, to leave them alone. He looked at me, hesitated, and then let his hand drop. He clearly heard me say no, and understood it. On that same note, Ronin ran over and started peeling a rubber mat away from the others. I said NO quite sternly, he looked at me and continued to peel away. When I went over to haul him away he scrambled and tried to pull faster. I was incredulous at him! But that is how he functions, challenging me even though he's not trying to be bad. He's just being an almost tw0-year old. Oy.

Tomorrow we only have OT at 3pm. I've got to remember to take back the trampoline and the inflatable runner since they are not ours. Fran wants to have a picnic at 12:30p and Atz suggested having it at The Glen in Glenview, which is supposed to be very kid-friendly. I'll give it a try, but will have to leave by 2:30 no matter what. They have a splash pad over there and I dread things just a bit because I'll have to change the boys over there and then take them to OT, but I'll just bring spare clothes and diapers, swim and regular. Gotta get some more towels. The more we venture out to water parks and facilities, the better experience I get at packing for these outings.

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