Thursday, June 25, 2009

Park in lieu of OT

Ok, the one complaint I have about this laptop is that the word processing on this blog doesn't have a "recover" or back feature if you lose a whole paragraph of stuff. I don't know if my wrist waved over some phantom button but I just lost a whole lot of stuff. GRRRRR.....

Instead of going to OT today, I took my family to meet up with the Alogs and the Penepackers at a park in The Glen. It had a splash pad with water shooting all over the place, playground area and sandbox (I avoided sand at all costs). Originally I was planning on going to OT but the timeframe between meeting up with the fam, leaving and then going to the clinic was so small. We wouldn't have enough time to enjoy anything. I called Shelly to cancel and she sounded slightly relieved, said she wasn't feeling well anyway. I think she was being a touch lazy, but that's typical of Shelly. I rationalized that Nikko would probably benefit more from being around our relatives, all the little cousins, the other kids in the splash pad, the water and playground, and being outdoors. That's exactly what happened. Nikko (and Ronin) had a blast. So much that when I wanted to go, Nikko ran away from me and hid on the other side of the splash pad. Even fruit snacks didn't lure him away, which dumbfounded me. I got a towel and approached him from behind. I enveloped him in it and carried him away, but not before a big stream of water shot up toward my head. Got drenched despite my best efforts. I wonder if anyone thought I was kidnapping Nikko by using that towel, and no one stopped me. What if someone came up to a kid, wrapped him in a blanket or rug, threw him in a van and drove away? Horrors!

All kids slept on the ride home. Not me, the driver. Strangely, no one wanted to finish their dinner and I don't know why. Ronin must have sensed something when I was putting him down to sleep because for the first time in a few months he cried and cried after I left the room. I went back to him once, and he complied when I put him down, but when I left he cried for another 20 minutes. I couldn't keep going back in there, I had way too much to do.

I won't be able to blog for the next 3 days, not until Sunday night, but I'll take notes each day. Wish me luck in getting to Midway!

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