Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pre-mac cheese Nikko is back

For once I'm starting a blog during the day, but it's rare. Ronin and Audrey are napping (but not for long) and Nikko is watching the Signing Time DVD. I'm hoping he'll sleep but there's no sense in betting on it. He's got a smile on his face and periodically gets up from the couch to stand in front of the mirror in the corner and raise his arms straight out to his sides like an airplane. He's also taking a step off the ottoman and landing onto the floor, sometimes on one leg, sometimes on two. I think the big boom on the floor will wake up Ronin very soon. He's been walking around the living room and tripping over a lot of things on the floor. I can't say he's being clumsy, when I should just have a blank floor. I'll be putting the exersaucer away later because I don't think Audrey is interested in sitting in it anymore, after all those many, many pictures I've taken of her in it. She'd rather be on the floor amongst toys or sitting with me. Similar to the boys, she often wants me to pick her up or she'll be placated as long as she has a hand on my leg. Velcro Girl is starting early. (sigh) I've noticed that when we watch Blues Clues and I rewind the part where they sing The Mail song, Nikko looks back at me at the end of the song to see if I'm going to rewind it. I think he knows that when I point the remote to the TV, the show will rewind The Mail song. Just a random thought. Anyway, I just tried to give Nikko some input by jumping with him on the mat, and holding his hands while he jumped on the sofa, but it didn't stop him from continuing to jump from the ottoman to the floor in a loud BOOM. I guess if Ronin will wake up, he just will. Every time Nikko lands with a BOOM, he's turning to look at my reaction. I keep giving him a worried look, a furrowed brow and gritted teeth but it's not stopping him. I'm also not reprimanding him to stop because I guess if he needs this input, I don't want to deny it to him. One other good thing I have to say is that he had organic mac cheese for lunch and he ate quite a bit. His fingers and mouth were also coated in orange. No guarantees that he'll be satisfied with leftovers for dinner, but I'm hoping so. I'm going to have to start a meal plan for him so I can keep ideas fresh to prepare. If he doesn't go for the mac cheese I'll have to make some ravioli again.

So it's late at night now. I don't know what happens but if I opt to digress from the post-kiddie bedtime routine, time slips by and it gets late. After the kids went down I spent a little time putting some clothing items together for Amvets, and that set me back from washing the dishes. I was annoyed by that, so I was looking up portable dishwashers. Our neighbors used to own one but have since upgraded. There are some good models out there, and I'd like to pay a visit to Abt in the near future to see if we can't really make it happen. For the $$ we'd spend on it, I think I would get back hours and hours of sleep and productivity. Honestly.

Denis had come home slightly early and the boys were awake but Audrey was still napping. I took that opportunity to slip out of the house to Walgreens and get some loose filling filler. It's a pain to apply, I must say. Still haven't got it on correctly. I think the boys did notice I was gone because when I came back they both toddled up to me. Nikko especially gave me some long, happy looks. After Audrey woke up and was fed, I made it a point to get the boys outside while Denis mowed the lawn. I took out our bubble machine and the boys went crazy. They loved walking through the bubbles, chasing them around and shifting their running patterns as the wind shifted the bubbles in different directions. Nikko really enjoyed them, even more so than Ronin. Dinner was fast approaching so I got the two littler kids inside and started feeding them because Nikko didn't want to come in right away. He was busy playing on his tricycle, digging his fingers into the dirt under the front door floor mat (yuck) and then Denis opened the sand box for him while he mowed the backyard. Nikko worked on his leftovers just a little bit, and favored the dinner roll with butter instead. For someone who didn't nap all day again, Nikko was in a relatively good mood. He didn't have any arguments with Ronin that lasted very long and he didn't have many glitches with me while trying to communicate. He kept pulling me directly to the side of the fridge where the dinner rolls were, then would run back to his chair expecting them to arrive on his plate coated in (fake) butter. Later in the evening, while I was rocking Audrey to sleep, he kept coming over and leaning his face into my face with a smile. This is the temperament of Nikko that I am happy to see, so whatever happened last week with his mood, I am glad it is gone.

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