Friday, June 12, 2009

High Fives w/Mr. Potato Head

I've been encouraging Nikko to drink his milk in the morning by putting chocolate Quik into it. He's not eating much breakfast as of late. He's not eating bananas, not even the cheerios or cocoa krispies I'd put on the side for him, and not even the chocolate chip eggo waffle. It's kind of baffling. But he did eat some dinner roll and (fake) butter. I'm not too worried as long as he eats something like my bagel. I think back to when I was younger, how I didn't like to eat breakfast and all I'd eat was a bowl of krispies with milk and bananas. That doesn't sound like a bad breakfast, so I'm trying not to worry if that's what Nikko will eat. The morning went ok, but Audrey might be giving up her morning nap. She didn't go to sleep around 10:45-11a as usual, and was fighting me the whole time. I gave up and decided that she'll sleep during Nikko's DT session when I give her a bottle (which is exactly what happened). Ronin was all up in our business again during therapy. Nikko did not want to work along with us. He didn't play with the dishes or use them to feed Elmo. He got stubborn with a piece of plastic watermelon, and when Bo made it disappear he got obsessed with Elmo pieces. We did some HOH with a few different puzzles and tried to go fishing with the magnetic fish puzzle, but again it wasn't as productive session as I've seen before. Bo used a Mr. Potato Head to show Nikko how to piece it together and she spent some time giving one of the hands High Fives. Nikko caught on to this and started doing High Fives to the plastic hand. The palm was open and facing up, and when Bo gave him the opposite plastic hand with a clenched fist Nikko tried to pry the fist open. Because it wouldn't open, he wouldn't give it a High Five. Clever.

After a rushed lunch, I got the kids in the car and had to make a stop at Westbrook to drop off preschool applications. Then we got to OT by 3pm because Shelly had another kid at 4:30. Our session was good, not great, but good. Nikko liked the obstacle course, of course. He was on the swing for a little bit, not long, but long enough for him to look at himself in the mirror and for Shelly to give him pushes from all angles. He started hauling out those graduating benches that are also used as mini tables for play-doh. We had to put them away without him seeing, so Shelly put them in the other room while I dragged Nikko to the mirror to jump. He wanted to see what was going on, so when she was finished and dragged out a blue tunnel with a long bumpy foam slab in it, Nikko spun around and was intrigued right away. He didn't even miss those benches. He liked the tunnel for a while, and then he went back to the obstacle course and started to move other wedges around so that they mirrored each other on both ends. At the end of the session, Shelly slowed things down by bringing out mega blocks. Nikko built just a little bit, but didn't seem very interested. On the way home I tried to stall because both boys didn't have naps and I wanted Ronin to at least have a snooze, but they were staunchly staying awake. I got some fries on the way home and that enticed them to come right inside instead of play outside today. The boys were relatively good while I folded laundry and tried to get some house things done before dinner. After dinner was also smooth. Nikko continued to watch himself in the mirror while prancing and jumping off furniture. He was really tired by night's end.

Tomorrow I have a visit to the dentist at 10am and the Penepackers will be here for the better part of the day to help start assembling the swing set. Atz will go pick up the folks at the airport (Mom, Dad and Chinny went there for 2.5 weeks) while I take the rest of my kids and hers to the house to welcome them back. I hope the boys enjoy the Penepacker kids' company. I know I'll appreciate the respite and the socialization they will both get!

By the way, for those newly reading this blog (welcome! thanks for the interest! I write it as it happens in my head, nothing fancy) I wanted to point out two names that you may wonder who the heck they are. Chinny is the nickname for my little sister Cynthia. She comes and helps watch Ronin twice a week during Nikko's therapy sessions, and I drag her to OT on Thursdays and any opportunity to go to the grocery. Atz is the slang for Ate, pronounced AH-te, which is a Filipino term used for "older sister" or "older female relative that's still close in age". We call my older sister Luisa by the name Atz. Growing up, she was just called Ate, and she was the oldest sister and girl relative around us. There wasn't anyone else to call Ate. Call it evolution or time efficiency, as we got older it was easier to yell, "Hey Atz!" instead of a two-syllable name. Note that our family names are short: Atz, Fran, Mich, Pat, Eric, Chinny. Ok, the younger two have two syllables, but they came later in life when things weren't so hectic. Hope this clarifies some of the players in my life!

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