Sunday, May 24, 2009

Park Outing Fun

Sorry I missed a day. It wasn't terribly eventful except that in the later afternoon we visited Sean and Daisy's new baby, Alessandro. Denis went paintballing with cousins and friends. Unfortunately the earlier part of the day was the most stressful, with me yelling my head off mostly at Ronin and some minor frustrations with Nikko. Pat and Anna and Jovy came to get their bicycles from our garage and they hung out a little bit in our living room. Pat brought over two metal window well grates and they work very nicely instead of the plastic ones. When they left, the boys were clamoring to go outside so I let them. I put up the baby gate next to the front door. When I opened the garage, Nikko and Ronin immediately made a beeline for the newer double stroller. I took them for a stroll around the driveway, but lunchtime was coming upon us (I couldn't leave for a walk because Audrey was sleeping) so I had to herd the boys inside. It was a fairly beautiful day outside and they did NOT want to come inside. That was probably the beginning of the yelling for me. I wanted them to spend more time outside but it wasn't going to be possible with just me. Later in the day when we were at Sean's house Nikko had fallen asleep in the car and was still crashed out on my lap and on the couch over there. We drove there with Mom in tow because she wanted to pay them a visit.

Today was a very normal day for us. I noticed that Nikko was playing more purposefully with the gear toys I bought the other day. I was surprised that he fell asleep with me on the floor during the kids' naptime. After naps we went to Costco (we split up: Denis and Ronin, Nikko and Audrey with me) and Denis and Ronin went to Home Depot. I had to pick up pictures which contained some PECS pictures. We had some extra time so I took Nikko to the food court and sat with him while he ate a churro. After the stores, we went to a park near St. Paul Lutheran Church off Central and Owen. I had been there once before with Nikko. Both boys loved it, crawled over the multiple jungle gyms and enjoyed running freely. Ronin seemed to gravitate toward groups of people as evidenced by him running toward a field of frisbee-playing guys as well as toward crowds at the jungle gym. Nikko ventured toward any wobbly bridges and also liked climbing up and down a shortened cubed staircase. He tried the slides a few times but wasn't hooked on them. When we had to leave he totally avoided me and tried to run away from me. I gave Denis some fruit snacks to lure Nikko away. We got home to have dinner. Nikko and I had another power struggle over a piece of pizza and chicken nuggets, but unfortunately I gave in after watching a very awful tantrum including table pounding and head-splitting screaming. I don't think I should have given in, but after a while it was getting ugly and I wondered how important it was to me that he ate a piece of chicken nugget to get a piece of pizza. It wasn't that important, especially if he didn't like the nugget. So I stopped. The rest of the evening went smoothly for the most part. I noticed after dinner that Ronin had put Denis' shoes on the floor and tried to slide his feet into them. He abandoned his efforts and soon thereafter Nikko came by. He also tried to put his feet into the shoes, but was standing over the shoes backwards so his feet weren't able to slip into the shoes. I gave him points for trying, however.

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