Sunday, May 2, 2010


Denis has recently become obsessed with kites. For years he has had a tiny, little box kite that he meant to fly with his nephew Odin. That event never materialized and now, with children of his own, and windier days ahead, the concept of going kite flying has become paramount. Today was Mayor Daley's Kite Festival held along the waterfront. We packed everyone in the car and headed toward Montrose Harbor in Chicago. The traffic along the way was absolutely horrible. Highways are plagued with construction and the weekend, coupled with beautiful weather, ambulances & squad cars winding through one-lane streets, and a Cubs game made getting toward the lake painfully slow. A little over an hour. I worried that the kids would melt down but they didn't. Finally arrived, parked after stalking a space, and put the kids in the double stroller and umbrella stroller. We could see the vast sea of kites in unique shapes and sizes rolling in the sky. The kids loved seeing everything! I put down a banig (straw blanket) for a mini-picnic and we had a lovely time. Except for the kids getting tangled again and again in our mini-kite strings, we blended in with all the other families chilling out with their own kites. On the way back home, all the kids fell asleep.

Denis and I were going to attend his coworker's wedding reception for a few hours. I asked my mom to come stay with the kids, and later on Atz and her girls would keep mom company for a short while. When she walked through the door, Nikko instantly started whining and became my shadow. Mom tried to coax him with a toy truck and books but my shadow stuck by my side. When it was time to leave, Nikko cried louder and louder and stood at the screen door looking after us. At the reception, I ate too many hors d'oeuvres but still had room for dessert. Mom had texted me that Audrey was in bed, that Nikko fell asleep (all after their baths) and that we should enjoy ourselves. I felt guilty, still, but we got home by 9:30. The door was locked but Ronin heard us and came slowly walking to the door, wide-eyed. He recognized me through the blinds and toggled the knob when I asked him to open the door. Nikko had fallen asleep on the couch so I carried him to his bed. Audrey was sleeping soundly in her crib, tired from the day's activities. Ronin looked tired but was wired because Team UmiZoomi was on. Needless to say, he was ushered to bed and I thanked my mom for helping us out. She seemed to enjoy the kids' company and was happy that after Nikko was finished crying at the screen door, he took her hand and led her to the kid table. He sat down and started eating dinner, accepting his situation. Aw.

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  1. I just love the idea of your kids at a kite festival... and am seriously impressed at your night out!