Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wash Hands

A/C is up and running, albeit temporarily. I hope it doesn't conk out before it cools down around here, been in the upper 80's today.

This morning, Nikko ate most of his pancakes and when I asked if he wanted some cereal w/bananas he repeated what I said, which usually means that's what he wants. After breakfast, Nikko came up to me and said something like, "Wassands?" I had no clue what he was asking for, and scanned the counter for any W objects. I asked him a few times what he wanted, but when he leaned toward the package of baby wipes I finally understood that he was saying, "Wash hands?" which I usually say when the kids are done eating. It's either Wash Hands or Wipe Hands, then Push In Your Chairs. So that's exactly what we did. I was happy to see that Nikko initiated an exchange with me this time. Later in the day when he wanted to watch the Real Trains for Kids video, he only said "Trains?" and stood in front of the DVD player. His progress report today didn't have any extra notes on it, but I have to start giving more thought as to what teacher gifts I'm going to need to get.

Maria came over today to take notes for our team meeting next month. Tianna came to observe the session. I'm going over the binder to see how to interpret what she assessed:

Greeting - so so, looks like 2 prompts an 4 incorrects.
Imitates gross motor - 70%- 3p, 5c, 5i
Body parts (expressive) - 20% 4p, 3c, 7i
Blocks - 100%- all c's
Follow one-step instructions - 30% - 2p, 5c, 4i
Objects (expressive) What is this? - 100%
Matches - 50% - 3p, 5c, 4i
Color within boundaries - ? 5p, 2c, 6i
Maze (fine motor) - 10% - 2c
Emotion (receptive) - 50% - 3p, 3c, 5i
Imitate actions w/objects - 100%
Personal information - 0% 2p, 4i
Memory (games) - ? 4p, 8i
Colors - ? 4p, 1c, 6i (note: 3wks @ 90%, 1@100%, so what happened today?)
Clean up - 1c

What does that all mean? p= prompt, c= correct, i= incorrect. A higher percentage is good, and some things he was close to mastering (blocks, identifying objects, imitating actions, colors). This means we will probably have to have some new skills for Nikko to learn over the summer. I will seriously have to sit with the IEP in the next few days to go over skills for school as well as for ABA. I don't want them to ask me what I think he should learn next and then hear crickets. I have to look at a milestone list to see where else he should be right now.

Nikko had some rough days last week, but yesterday and today he's been in pretty calm moods. At mealtimes he's sitting and eating, and pushing in his chair when done. He can be resistive to my changing his diaper, but will succumb to it. Three times in a row, right as ABA was starting, Nikko darts off toward the stairs to go up. I don't know what happened to his state of compliance, but Maria had to usher him back to the basement to engage him in some gross motor play. Luckily, he didn't melt down or whine in protest. He actually had a good session, but didn't concentrate well according to Maria.

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