Friday, May 7, 2010

Sly, when no one's looking...

At lunch today Nikko was sitting eat mac cheese and I put juice in front of him (sippy w/a straw). I watched him like a hawk, taking only a sip or two while eating. Ronin needed a diaper change so I took him to the living room, leaving Nikko alone for a minute. I could see Nikko's back from the living room, and he was hunched over strangely so I ran back and caught him dribbling on the table and in his bowl. I must have surprised him because he started whining and protesting when I told him NO and when I put a paper towel over his mess. I let him drink w/me holding the cup and he wanted to hold it on his own and turn his back on me. Finally I put him on a stool at the sink and gave him the opportunity to spit in the sink if he wanted. Instead he drank the rest of his juice w/o incident and seemed ok when I let him go. I don't know how much longer I will tolerate watching him drink his juice standing over the sink. Grrrrr!

After lunch I got the troops together for a trip to Costco. I put the younger ones in the cart and Nikko walked. He kept trying to get my Costco card but I evaded him and he soon accepted his own card to hold. While walking, he learned how to step up on the side of the cart and hang on for a ride. We left without incident. I took the kids home for a snack and then packed them up again to go to my friend Wendie's house. She was hosting a get-together for Rhonda (mom of the 3 kiddos from our playdates) who is deploying to Afghanistan for A YEAR. Atz told me that if something happened to her over the year and I didn't go to the get-together, I would regret it. So true. The kids behaved really well. They were unleashed with Rachel's kids and Wendie's kids in the living room. Tayden, Wendie's eldest, took to looking after Audrey, and she liked him back, too. Nikko played with a toy helicopter and actually spent some time away from my side, playing in the chaotic living room. But when I went to move the car to load up some hand downs, he noticed I was gone and went ballistic. Of course!

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