Sunday, May 23, 2010


On the asd board I belong to, someone posted a question: do asd children have higher body temperatures than others? Surprisingly, many moms wrote back that their sons seemed to be hot quite often. I was surprised to include a post saying Nikko could run and jump in the living room and work a huge sweat. That's what happened today, almost from the start of the morning. Later, when my brother Eric & his girlfriend Leslie came to visit us, Nikko was excited about new people in the house that he was zigging and zagging everywhere, working up another sweat so that he was glistening at the temples. I took everyone to Woodfield Mall to run in the Looney Tunes kid play area, and here Nikko worked up the ultimate sweat, looking like he just dunked his head under water. All the kids had fun jumping, running and climbing in the play area that was filled to the brim with kids. Imagine what it was like when it was time to leave... resistance! Crying! Not pretty, but still had to leave. Nikko tantrummed all the way to the parking lot. He even took a few swipes at me that I felt, but didn't have the time to reprimand properly. At home, in our driveway and while I was taking out the car seats from the Pilot, Nikko and Ronin were having a full-out battle over a toy lawnmower, right in front of Eric and Leslie. Of course, they pick ONE single toy to fight over, and in front of company. The noise never really stopped, because I was going to a GNO tonight and saying good bye was going to be rough. And it was, especially for Nikko. Still I went, had a great time with great company at Reza's in Oak Brook. Filet Mignon & Chilean Sea Bass.... YUM!

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