Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where's Mike?

Nikko's speech report: I took him for speech during most of Marrionettes [the PTA was putting on some kind of puppet show as an assembly]. Worked on requesting, naming, turn taking, vocab. We tried the end of the sow. He didn't want to stay. He said, "Go play" so we did! :)

I am sorry that Nikko and Ms. Winters didn't get to join the rest of the school for the show, but also glad that he was in very capable hands and working on things, such as speech, which are so important for him. I'll bet that he protested being in the gym with some whining and pulling back, so I wonder how Ms. Winters prompted him, if she prompted him at all, to get him to respond with Go Play. Nikko was dozing on the bus on the way home and when he woke up, he realized he had dropped the little one-eyed green monster figurine from Monsters, Inc. I looked in his backpack and it wasn't there. Nikko was crouching underneath the seats in front of him, and he actually found it. How did Nikko know that "Mike" had rolled on the floor of the bus up toward the front? I was going to give up, honestly. Nikko had ABA at 2:30, and again he was not willing to go sit at the table to begin his session. He ran upstairs and I had to usher him down again. But as opposed to last week, this time he walked up to Melisa and listened to her point out the picture schedule for today's session.

We went to my in-laws for dinner. The kids didn't have much of an appetite. Nikko was walking around the table and I figured out that he wanted to have juice in a cup. I gave him some, helping him hold it. It always reminds me that I have to keep trying to give these kids their liquids in a cup vs. a straw. During the part where they read passages/stories (worship time), my kids were loud and running around, giggling and refusing to be quiet. Then, when all the prayers were said and done, they became quiet. Of course. We left, gave the boys a quick bath (Audrey went straight to bed), the read a prayer and did lights out.

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