Friday, May 14, 2010

Morning surprise / seepage

Ronin woke up at 4:30a calling out for me. I trotted down the hall and when I checked on him, he was still half-sleepy. Don't know what caused his outcry, but perhaps it was the storms moving through the area. I checked the basement at this time because the rain was so heavy and the lightning was aplenty, but the floor was dry. I managed to crawl back to bed. Then at 5:30a he called out again and was set on getting up. I took him to the living room to chill out and he managed to fall back asleep on the couch. Meanwhile, I heard Nikko babbling at 6a, and also heard Audrey stir, protest being in the crib, and then possibly settle down for a short while. It was around 6:45 that I decided to go get Nikko since he was still awake. He had quieted down a little after waking, but was awake since 6. When I opened the door, I saw Nikko laying on his side and not wearing his pajamas NOR his diaper. I froze, expecting the pungent smell of poo to hit my nose, but as my eyes adjusted to his dim room I saw that there was no poo. I pieced together that he had a full pee diaper, probably found it uncomfortable, then ripped it off and probably shed the rest of his clothes in the process. I had to change the sheets later as well, but I was interally thankful it wasn't a poo mess. I HATE those.

I got Nikko off to school, but noted that when I dressed him up in the living room, he didn't like having his socks put on over there. He took them off. I think he may be used to having his socks put on at the door, then putting his shoes on next. This is also off-topic, but during the baths I've been giving him this week, when it came time for the final rinse he started shrieking when I used the shower head on him. I wondered if it was because he wanted to play in the tub longer, or was it becoming a sensory thing. I used a small basin to collect the water and pour it over his head and body. He tolerated that. Back to the drop off, after the bus pulled away I went to the backyard to check the window wells. The two in the back had water in it up to the base of the window blocks. This was bad news. I went downstairs and saw the stream of water in the utility room going into the drain. The stream was coming from the foundation crack in the wall, next to the foof chairs. One got wet on the bottom. I had to find the portable sump pump in the garage, plus hose and extension cord (thanks to Denis for telling me what I needed to do) and pump those window wells of most of the water. The seepage wasn't from the windows themselves, but from a crack in the foundation behind the drywall. Emptying the window well wasn't going to be enough; we'd have to let all extra water seep through until it was basically empty. I also had to do this before Nikko came home from school. Ronin and Audrey were really good about staying in the living room and watching TV while I shuffled back and forth from inside to outside, bless their little hearts. But once Nikko came home, I wouldn't have the luxury of moving anywhere without causing a screaming fit. Ironically, the rest of the day was sunny and humid. Reminds me of when it starts to snow and people get into terrible skid accidents, only to have the snow melt later, leaving a terrible taste in the mouths of those involved in the accident.

The service man from ABT came to check out the dishwasher. He agreed with my assessment after opening the doo, and requested a replacement console be ordered to arive within 3-5 days. I can still use the dishwasher, but the lights are not completely lit. I am using it tonight.

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