Thursday, December 23, 2010

Catching up this week

Wow, it's Thursday. That's a long stretch of no entries since Monday. The kids are battling each other much like tag team wrestling. Audrey vs. Nikko, Ronin vs. Nikko, Audrey vs. Ronin. Tried using a timer to share toys, not working well. Trying not to shred my voice, not working either. I feel like I'm getting sick, after caring for sick kids all last week.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we went to Nikko's speech therapy. It was at 9a so I had to get us out the door by 8:30 tops. I did ask Lisa the ST if she had a later slot available and she DID, 10a. But we have one more 9a session to go before we can switch back to 10a. Thank goodness! There's too much pressure for a 9a session to get all the kids fed, dressed, changed and out of the house by 8:30a. Nikko was eager and excited to be at speech, and he easily walked off with Lisa when it was time for him to go. I think he was anticipating the big motor room and the fun he would have. Lisa asked me if Nikko has ever used a weighted vest because he leaned toward doing more crashing in the motor room. She thinks that if he used one, he might be able to do more in the room when they sit down for speech things. I have to remember to mention this to Mrs. I, the OT from school. I wonder if I should get a weighted vest and give it a try around home. He wouldn't (refused) to wear one when he was younger, but maybe it will be different now that he's older. Maybe.

At 1p Nikko had an ABA session with Rebecca, a new senior line person replacing Jenna on Wednesdays. Jenna will be our Team Leader now. Rebecca is also a special ed teacher so she is familiar with ASD kids. I could hear Nikko giving her a hard time, however, and he ultimately resisted her for 45 minutes. "I didn't realize how strong-willed he was," she stated. But Rebecca was also working with Nikko for the first time, and he wasn't used to her. He needs to learn that she means business and for her resolve I am grateful. She was able to give me good feedback after the session and it was informative. Rebecca seemed like a pleasant person and because she's a professional I look forward to working with her. Nikko will have to get used to her. :/

I can hardly wait for Saturday morning to come. These kids need their NEW TOYS so they can get out of each other's hair! I think Nikko will like the Cars parking garage, I just have to put it together. I know Ronin will love his Monster Truck Lightning McQueen. He doesn't know about his electric guitar either. And I think Audrey will be happy to get the Jesse doll from Toy Story. She loved carrying around Maya's Jesse, so I hope she'll be ok if she has her own.

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