Saturday, December 11, 2010

Maria's visit

Maria came to work with Nikko today. We had a good conversation update prior to the session. We'll arrange a team meeting with everyone either over the break or right after, to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding *how* to do the drills. Jenna is going to become the Team Leader and will take over Maria's roll in Nikko's home program, but if I need to get counsel from Maria I can still contact her. I felt empowered after our talk and feel better about reviewing materials before next week's meeting. Maria commented on how Nikko is still improving, showing his intelligence in the drills as well as in his resistance to non-preferred activities. The boy just needs to acquire more language, in my opinion.

On the poop front, he is in the middle throes of cleaning out his system, for sure. I'm changing poopy diapers frequently, and the volume is definitely more than the diapers of even last week or the week before. I wonder if he will stabilize by Monday, which is when I intend to call Dr. Nelson with an update. (BTW, I was surprised to learn that Maria's son also sees Dr. Nelson, and Maria regarded her highly. That's a big plus for me.) It's just the frequency of the diaper changes that I'm not looking forward to in the next month, which is not really that different from what I was doing except now there's a little more hope.

It's the weekend and there's nothing major on the schedule except for a holiday pageant of the Penepacker girls. It's going to be at the Playdium, an old skating rink turned assembly hall, so it will be loud and echoy and possibly crowded. I hope the kids will be ok in that environment, as they'll most likely be running around in the back of the hall. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be 36 degrees and rainy. I wonder if there's somewhere at all I can take the kids so they're not too bored at home. That's always the problem.

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