Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spontaneous speech

School report: Speech - requesting & "hi". Notes - Nikko was helper today. He knew all the weather pictures. When sending kids to snack, 1st one said "Sophie go play" on his own. Knew 1/2 names.

Is that another instance of spontaneous speech? Would that be two days [almost] in a row? I wonder what I can do to facilitate some spontaneous speech this weekend. It's snowing outside right now so I'll bet these kids will want to go play in it, even though it's only a dusting. We're expecting more, however. I'll see when we can fit this in.

Nikko was in a good mood today. I fed him the cheesy mac I made last night. He and Audrey like it, but don't like the ground turkey mixed in. He's also eaten less chocolate pop tarts today. This would all be good, IF Nikko had a significant bowel movement since I unplugged him Wednesday morning. But he hasn't. He had a tiny poop on Wednesday and Thursday nights, but nothing today or tonight. That's BAD. That means if he doesn't poop anything by tomorrow morning, I'm going to have to unplug him again. How does this happen? I think giving him less than 1/4 capful of miralax is backing him up. I put in a 1/2 capful tonight to try to give him one extra push by tomorrow morning. Don't know if it will work. On Monday, Nikko has an appointment with a pediatric gastro. Mom will come over to watch the little ones. I hope to bring information on Nikko's eating habits, miralax stuff, unplugging incidents, anything I can to let her know what's going on. I hope she is the kind of gastro that will listen and be open-minded. I wonder if she will just suggest more miralax. I need to know some WHYs and HOWs.

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