Monday, December 6, 2010

Flipping out

Quick entry. Nikko had some poop in the later morning to midday, but nothing into the evening. We go to see a gastro tomorrow afternoon. Crossing my fingers that she can give us some direction beyond miralax.

This evening I took the kids to the in-laws so that I could meet up Denis at his best friend's wedding reception. Nikko fell apart when I left, crying and angry. He tried to put on his shoes and coat, according to my MIL. He eventually calmed down and didn't erupt again. The other two handled it well until they got into some fights. Audrey was being a piece of work with them. Grrrr. I dropped them off at 5:00p and went back by 8:30p. Wasn't long at all, just enough to eat some spicy Indian food and have some adult conversation. Tomorrow morning we go to the school for the parent group while the kids hang out in the other room. Nikko will probably flip out again, but I'll give him kisses good-bye and hope for the best.

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