Friday, December 10, 2010

Un-learning behavior

School report: Speech - I see____, greetings, vocab, what ?'s. His new favorite words are refrigerator and microwave!

Nikko had ABA with Sarah this morning. I told her about my conversation with Jenna the day before, about trying to be more firm with Nikko in regards to getting him to sit at the table. He's been doing escapist moves with Sarah and will not go to the table for her anymore. She had been bringing the drills to him in order for him to work, but Jenna and Kathy don't seem to have as much a problem with this. That's not to say they don't have a problem with Nikko coming to the table at all, but Jenna is more firm in getting him to come over to work. So Sarah did what she could, and they didn't finish all their drills because Nikko didn't want to work. I guess he will have to un-learn not sitting at the table for Sarah, that's all. Sarah remarked that he was very intelligent and bright, and could probably see that he could get away with his escapist routine with her.

The kids went to school and came home late by almost ten minutes. The driver was apologetic because Miss Veronica wasn't there, and neither was Miss Chris. It was another aide, a nice lady but not as comfortable yet with the route. The boys seem to take advantage of getting a nap on the way home, which is fine because they are the last kids on the route.

This evening I was going to head out to meet up with the girls regarding some holiday gift cards. I gave Audrey a bath and informed Ronin that I would be going out. All three kids seemed to take my leaving very well, all saying, "G'byeeeee Mooommmmy!" with enthusiasm. Nikko came up to me to give me a good bye kiss and didn't start whining at all.

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