Friday, December 17, 2010

Team(s) Meeting

12/16/10 School report: Speech - Food vocab - starting to say "I don'tknow" with just a look from me. Worked on "I see____", greetings.
Bathroom - Nikko pooped today. It was soft and mushy. It had a strong odor.

I'm behind by two days. On Wednesday we had the school/ABA team meeting. The kids played and tore up the room while we talked. Ronin didn't go to school that day, and later that evening Audrey came down with the temperature.

We started by talking about what to expect next year. The teachers reiterated that IF the current sped plan stays the same, then it would be 1/2 self-contained and 1/2 inclusion. Kindergarten is half-days, five days a week. They have what is called an Extended Day Program for SN kids. This is 4 days a week, 1/2 days. For example, a day would be 1/2 day K, then lunch plus recess, then 1/2 day extended support. A school day would be from 9:20a-3:50p. On Fridays, K is only 1/2 day, no Extended Day Program following. In the ED program, the child would do discrete trials, independent workstations, centers, pull-outs for ST and OT, and ABA hours are offered. What made me feel better about hearing this is the ED program would be tailored specificially to each kid, and therefore our IEP meeting later next year would be to outline Nikko's program. Whatever supports Nikko uses in ED are extended to K throughout the day. If he uses a picture schedule or aide, then that will also happen in the K part of his day. This is good news. And a key part of our meeting.

We talked about what kind of things the school team and ABA team could do to help Nikko along in his goals. Linda gave some good tips to the teachers, and Ms. Winters was able to share what speech successes Nikko has been achieving. Things I can keep working on at home with Nikko is still being his own personal commentary, add a strip of velcro to our daily schedule and have Nikko move the pictures there after completion of a task so that by day's end he can point out to his dad what happened throughout the day (in a linear fashion). Speech advice shared between the teams was to ask more Wh-- questions with picture cues, more "I see____" questions (instead of I Want ____) and more My Turn/Your Turn. OK, I can deal. I was satisfied with the outcome of our meeting.

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