Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sickie boys

Nikko's BMs today were still kinda splattery. I called the gastro's office and a nurse got back to me, but will hopefully talk to the doc tomorrow. To make matters worse, right before ABA at 4:30 Nikko fell asleep on the floor. I had to wake him up prior to therapy and he didn't really want to get up off the floor. It wasn't until later that I saw he was not feeling great. He had zero appetite and resorted to the fetal position. BAD SIGN. He slept through dinner and woke up with a slight fever that's bouncing around 101.2. Thank God he didn't throw up this evening, but he also didn't want to move around much. He watched WALL-E while I gave the kids their baths. Nikko seemed to perk up slightly when Denis came home from work, but then he headed off to his bed for nighttime stories and didn't get up again. The good thing is that Nikko was still lucid enough to read Shiny Dinah and prayers from the prayer book to us. No songs, though.

The other problem is Ronin. His cough started yesterday and has really come out today, despite an albuterol treatment yesterday before bed. Tonight is worse than yesterday. He's thrown up twice already, meaning I've changed him AND his sheets twice. I gave him a treatment at 7:30p, then another one at 10:45p, which is earlier than I would have liked but his croupy cough is getting bad. He's not wheezing, so now I'm hesitant to give him albuterol again. If he gets even worse tomorrow, I may have to consider taking him in to the ped for possible steroids. I would hate for him to miss school, but if Ronin starts barking at school then the nurse will just want me to pick him up anyway. And if Nikko is still running a temperature, I'll have to keep him at home as well. GREAT.

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