Monday, December 13, 2010

Sitting still for the pageant

This afternoon we took the kids to watch the Penepacker girls perform in the school Christmas pageant/play at the Playdium (an old skating rink). I expected that we would get relegated to the back of the auditorium, but figured it might be loud and other kids might be running around as well. When we walked into the room and saw the stage filled with cast members in front of their family and friends, I also noticed that the back of the room was empty, void of running kids or crying babies. The usher told me they just started the play, and I was afraid to walk up the aisle where my mom and my sister were waving at me to join them. I cringed at the thought of Nikko wanting to get up out of his seat, jump up and down, or make loud squeals. I also didn't know if Ronin or Audrey would sit still. We rolled the dice and joined the rest of the family.

Nikko sat next to me and did GREAT. He was mildly interested in the play and didn't want to sit in my lap even though I tried to boost him to see the action. He was content next to myself and Chester. He looked at the people behind him a lot. Then he got hungry for goldfish crackers when he saw me giving some to Audrey. Other than starting to beat the back of his chair with his hand, Nikko was a model citizen. It was Ronin that was a touch troublesome, talking too loud and whining slightly. Audrey was also a bit fussy but was mesmerized by the singing. Lucky for her, she looked cute in pigtails and a pink flowered headband. We really did survive this outing, the first of its kind since we tried to take the kids to Easter service two years ago.

One last note: This past week was the 3/4 capful of miralax. It took 2-3 days for Nikko to start pooping more. Midweek heralded larger volumes, still soft. But by Friday night into Saturday, the poop looked like a smattering. It was fibrous and the volume decreased. I listened to Nikko's breathing and at times it seemed hollow, like when he's trying to pace pushing something out but nothing's happening. By this morning (Sunday) I decided that he'd have to do something more or I'd unplug him. Breathing happened again, so I unplugged him. The bowel movement was big in volume, but it wasn't hard at all. It was soft and mushy. Why wasn't he able to push all of this out? Instead, prior to unplugging, it was coming out in splatters. To me, this meant that even the soft poop was backing up, despite the increase in miralax. I'll have to tell this to Dr. Nelson tomorrow and she what she says.

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