Friday, February 6, 2009

Coping & Music

Cyndi the social services coordinator came today to chitchat, as is her job in the system, to provide the parents of autistic kids with support. I seem to learn something every time we meet. I told her about the meltdowns I've had when the kids are on my last nerve. I try to keep it together and not blow up in front of them, but things will happen. She said I don't have to try not to get mad, but I should come up with some strategies to cope with the meltdown I'm gonna have i.e. scream into a burp cloth or leave the room and close a door to scream alone, or better yet, find the humor and do something silly to make myself laugh so I can cope with the problem. I have lost it in front of the kiddies, and like the idea of screaming into a burp cloth to regain my composure. The point is to find something to help me cope.

As for music, I will start playing classical music or something else when the house is silent. The kids can play, but they don't have to do it in silence. They can learn something, and be culturalized in the process. That's really what I want for them. It's not a new concept, but for some reason it seems even more appropriate now than ever. Maybe music will help bring out his voice. La!

Nikko was not terribly active today. I got him to sign "More, Please" for pancakes, cashews and especially to watch more of the new train DVD. I'm trying to speed up the process as Jen described, asking him what he wants 2 times or so, then going hand-over-hand and moving forward, but I don't want to overdo it by rushing him as well. I understand that I have to get him while the concept is still fresh and before he loses interest, but sometimes I do get him to sign "more" and I have to work harder for the "please". But what a good feeling it is when he does those two things. It makes me beam!

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